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A 10 year old boy and an old man are walking into the woods at dusk
The little boy says "Boy, it sure is scary in here."
The old man turns to the boy and says "How do you think I feel? I have to walk out of here alone."
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Against ACTA 100% That s**t everyone is paying for is gonna be in a box on the side of the road or on craigslist for free eventually XD

yum_bacon <--- THATS ******** AWESOME!!!!
SOPA sucks
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I am fist!
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I wouldn't say we should butcher people for having a different belief system than me. Also, whose greedy, the person who provides a service and wants to be paid for it, or the person who receives a service, and gets their panties in a bunch when asked t pay for it, and then goes around threatening the lives of the people who they got the service from in the first place.
I don't support pipa or acta or sopa (which i think is dead now) but I think that pretty much everything else you say is just...short sighted and self-centered.
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It doesn't matter how you feel on if people should make money on their art. The fact is that they horribly overcharge on music, though. I have no problem with them wanting to stop piracy, but those bills are the wrong way to go.

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