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For 0.036231884057971 3.6% [ 5 ]
Against 0.96376811594203 96.4% [ 133 ]
Total Votes:[ 138 ]
This poll closed on April 23, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Rampant Doodle
Rampant Doodle

Idk, maybe in the forum specifically made for ACTA. As you can read (or...wait obviously you can't) but this was placed in the SOPA forum....for pretty specific and obvious reasons

yeah i saw it a few hours later when i got in :...ops xp

XD smooth! blaugh
I hope they don't pass SOPA because so many people use the Internet to connect with others, research, and innovation. Without freedom to use the Internet, we will be more behind in becoming a better world.
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Sopa = bullsh*t
A lot of them don't know how internet work so why create Sopa
if you don't know anything about that subject...

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ppsssshhhhhh SOPA sucks :/
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sopa sucks
Wtf you spamin for O.o
go away sopa emotion_zombie
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I am agenst SOPA, for several reasons. One of which is that it is a US law and the internet is for the world. While the US maybe one of the most advanced countrys there are still other countries involved with the internet. It is not possable to control the whole internet. This is a sad atempt for US to control informantion that is shared via internet.

Even if SOPA passes, which is very unlikely unless they rig the votes, It will spring up a sort of under ground internet movement in some forgen country. This is more of a disadvantage to the US then it is to try to help them.

A possable reason this is even being such an issue is to hide something much worst like unemployment or the national deat is growing bigger and bigger. They need something to keep the people's minds off of possable new taxes and fines that could be possable with SOPA.

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