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Just had crazy dreams all last night.
Playing some 3-d donkey kong game that transitions into 2-d play when you reach a narrow area like a cliff ledge or rope walls, and I was learning how to play in the dream while simultaneously producing the game in my dream and I produced it fairly too! I ended up dieing once, the game did have some consistency surprisingly. The part I died at I spawned at shortly after and it looked the same (ran too fast and jumped from an enemy and fell off a cliff) then I tried to take an alternate route (multiple ways to go to play throughout the game anyways its an adventure game) Then Im going back and forth grasping the cliff ledges, and tons of different enemies were swarming me. There were some who were two spaces tall, some one spaces tall, some could grab me from the space they are on, some could grab me from the space below themselves. The largest one was some octopus thing which grabbed me up and was gonna run me out of the screen/map to kill me but I pressed the grab button, jumped and picked him up then threw him, then i was like oh, okay *throws a bunch of enemies otu of my way* lol

Then when I reach the farthest oart theres some stupid boulders bouncing my way, I had to jump up on a rope to dodge some and drop back down to dodge some more, idk how I didn't die, then there were two spots I could go, one looked like i would die if I went there so I went the other way, and we happened accross a city (me and diddy kong. lol.)

And I had two other just as weird dreams. I will post them seperately.
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I had what was probably the most complicated videogame ever for a dream. It could only be more complicated if it were first person veiw.

So we were dealing with nanite zombies and intelligent nanite cyborgish dudes, who were infecting the population. Even the zombies knew to steal equipment and s**t, like they could perform general riot behaviors.

I was some dude sort of a mix between some attack on titan commander, and titan fall just without the damn mech suit.

Then after we traveled some ways battling we ended up surprising an enemy establishment and destroyed them ebfore they could transfer their secret goods, and I ended up ordering for special units and machines based on the new materials and information we had so we could finally put up an offensive. I was also in charge of heading people to areas to save civilians and set up medical facilities so I was eager to stop the enemy at the source.

Next thing I know I'm being chased by superhuman dudes, I go in the subway just ot change my mind and leave it, because its not good being down there where your exits are easily blocked off, then i realized I oculd hold in the x button to ready fuses in buildings in the immediate area (all buildings on screen) and when enough enemies were spawning in them, but not making it out of the building yet is when I would have to time the explosions, while running from their elite force (i can run like 60 mph like in prototype, and guns would be useless against me so they literally were gonna just pulverize me)

And in my dream there was a ton of dust simulation, it wasnt perfect, it could have been better, but dust simulation fyi is extremely taxing on a system because it needs to organize millions of particles moving in certain patterns all at once. That is why certain hacked games remove dust to operate with less lag.
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Greedy Consumer

Twice this morning had ******** up dreams.

One ended with a creepy take on magical girls, but instead of magic or brightness, it was dark out, and they would assassinate each other brutally and had creepy dolls and outfits, and one was killing the rest in secret, jumped down from high above and cratered on one of her friends from the force of the impact (ground formed a crater) and brought a sword down on her at the same time, gore everywhere.

Second dream I had ended with a song about force feeding people gore, and a city drowning in gore called devil's soup, and i was walking over rivers full of dead bodies going up hill with a tall bridge to my immediate left made of a wall of bricks.
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Oddest AND most memorable. I dreamt that there was a purple, opera-singing hippo at the top of the staircase. The entire dream was an endless cycle of the voice of the hippo blowing me down the stairs and me climbing back up from the dark basement because I was afraid.

I've had other "endless cycle" dreams. One was an image of a cat skull with a single blue human eyeball in it. The eye would move left to right then snap to the center. After the eye focused, there was some sort of warping, distorted coral reef and a screeching sound. Which would then fade back to the skull.

I had another one that gave me an irrational fear of Spongebob, particularly Squidward and the paintings in his house. (As if the damned gore on that accursed show wasn't enough.) I was watching TV and was stuck to the chair, so I couldn't move or turn away. The scene that repeated itself began with Spongebob entering Squidward's house. He then saw this AWFUL picture of what appeared to be a rotting, gray Squidward-corpse facing away from him. He did his high-pitched scream, the view went back to the picture and this time the image was of Squid's FACE, with flesh hanging and falling off. His eyes were huge, blood red and looked almost human. Spongebob screamed, exactly as he did the other time. Cue repeating back view, scream, front view, scream, repeat.
It was in three different settings or "parts" the first part I forgot..but I remember being there..the second part I'm in my house and for some reason have an urge to walk down my street, so I do.

As soon as I'm at the end of the street, the setting changes. it's..nearly pitch black..though with a purple/blue hue.. at the center is an older gentleman in a brown suit pacing in front of a myriad of crosses, I think I was supposed to choose one. He said something to me which I couldn't discern before I was pulled out of the dream

I've also had sleep paralysis several times
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I'm obsessed with wanting to fly, and I've had a dozen or so flying dreams. In my books I write wings onto my alter-ego characters and live the dream through them, but only once have I actually had wings (although it was flippin' amazing, mind you, being able to fly like some raptor).

Usually, it's superman-style flying, and there's something that I have to do. At first, I was learning to fly in my dreams via concentration, so not being able to do said thing because I couldn't fly well was terribly frustrating. But now, I fly easily, and it's absolutely wonderful.

The last few flying dreams I've had, someone was after me, and they end up harming me, but the dream continues. It's like they fatally wound me, but I don't die.

Unfortunately, my other most common type of dream is one in which I'm fatally wounded and do not die for a good remainder of the dream, so I'm in incredible pain trying to accomplish some task. One that I remember well went like this:


I was in a building much like my old high school, dressed in knight's armor and leading a princess through a maze of hallways that were dark, shadowy, and littered with paper. On these pieces of paper were characters, who could stand up out of their papers as flat, 2-D people and come after me. Besides watching our backs for these 2-D coloring-page-type people, there was some bad guy after us, and I had to get the princess out.

There are also moments in the dream where I am the bad guy, a big, strong knight who's evil, of course. He wants the princess. I start to recognize parts of hallway that my own self has already gone through, and I realize the bad guy is getting close. I tell the princess to run, and turn to face the knight just as he enters the room that I'm in.

Sometimes my dreams get really stupid, and this was one moment: the bad guy carries what my brain registers as a deadly weapon, a sword or something logical, but it's this lime green blade the size of your average pocket knife. I fight this bad guy with no weapons myself, just sheer determination, and get gutted with said puny blade. Like Flynn Rider in Tangled, but much more wimpy. And btw, I feel it every time I watch the movie and see him get stabbed.

Bad guy grabs the princess by the arm, tosses me over his shoulder (remember I'm not dead, because I don't actually die in my dreams, but it hurts like hell), and we leave the old building. Transition to a campfire in an open area some ways away, with princess bound and sitting near the fire surrounded by bad guy and his cronies. I've been tossed in the dirt some distance away, and I absolutely have to get my wallet in my back pocket or somewhere. (I don't even own a wallet.) I think this will help save the princess or something noble like that. I'm trying to move and get it, but man, am I in so much pain, and I'm trying not to attract attention.

There's a servant boy tending the people near the fire, and he notices me still alive and sneaks away. I'm telling him to help me when bad guy knight notices, and comes over to me, pins me to the ground with his boot, and stabs me in the kidneys with the puny knife again, twisting the knife as he laughs. That's when I woke up.

As I said, these "bad" dreams have started to cross with my uber-cool flying dreams, and it's a bit disconcerting. Still, it helps to imagine that given a situation where I might help someone even at risk to myself, I just might have it in me to do so.
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I had a series of strange dreams after my parents had divorced. They were mostly about my mother, who I felt was the person I despised the most during that time period. Some of them were about death. Very little of my dreams contained both. I'll name some memorable ones:

Spider Apocalypse.
This is one of the funniest and scariest ones about my mother. My mom, little sister, my mother's husband, and I were stuck in an old mansion. It seemed we were hiding, because in the outside world there had been an apocalypse. Spider monsters, small and large, had destoryed humanity and I don't know if we were the last ones on Earth, but the human population seemed scarce. Anyway, as we were hiding, I wanted something to drink. I think I was very sick because I couldn't even move anymore. My mom refused to help me and said I should do it myself. I was also very scared because there were killer-spiders in the mansion somewhere and I knew I would possibly run into some. I decided to do it myself and sneaked down stairs to the kitchen and I then ran into a group of spiders. They proceeded to eat me alive and this may be TMI but some had crawled down my pants. I finally woke up from the dream with my hand down my pants.

My mom is a lesbian.
When my parents were divorcing I knew in the back of mind my mom was having an affair. This is what caused me to dislike her tremendously during the divorce. When she had finally moved out, I heard she was renting a bedroom in a house. The lady who owned the house was a woman and also my mom's best friend. My mom is shy and the complete opposite of sociable, so I always found it odd. (My mom is not a lesbian and I knew that all the time, but in my dream it was different.) Anyway, in my dream, my mom, her best friend, and I were in a white car, most likely a van. I was in the backseat and my mother and her friend were naked and kissing. I was so shocked I woke right up. Creepiest dream ever or?

White Cars.
Now this dream happened after my dad had deployed to Afghanistan, my mom was already married, and I was living with my grandparents out-of-state. It's a pretty long story, but I'll just explain the dream. In this dream, I was at my grandmothers house sleeping in my room. My room faces the parkinglot, and when I woke up in my dream: I felt weary. It was quiet, too quiet. I ran outside and saw empty white cars parked everywhere in my driveway and my street(I feel like I have a thing with white cars.) I spotted my grandmother's car, so for some reason I ran inside the car and hid. The car locked on me and then I suffocated and died. Yep.

Anyway, those are the weirdest dreams I've had in my life. I don't have any nightmares and I'm glad to say my mom and I have a wonderful relationship. emotion_yatta
I once had a dream that my mom tried to rip my spine out with her teeth. I could actually feel pain somehow in my dream, which was distressing so I immediately woke up.
Im in a park. There are people around. Not sure what Im doing there. I look over towards the swing set and there are some people yelling at me and pointing in my direction. I turn to look at what they are pointing to and two big black dogs are running towards me growling. In my dream I know they are going to attack me. A blonde guy grabs and and drags me into a shed. Not sure why there is a shed in the park. Its made of corrugated metal. The guy has his hand over my mouth so I cant scream. He doesn't look scary though and for some reason I feel like I know him. I glance around the shed and there is a large woman sitting on a bench. She is a brunette. She looks familiar too even though I don't know her. She grabs my hand and drags me over to her lap. The wind outside gets crazy. She starts screaming at me "Say you love him". She is screaming because the wind is so fierce that the roof of the shed is rattling loudly and pieces are starting to rip off in the storm. The guy reaches over to me and the look in his eyes is sad. The wind is so bad by this time that I feel I am going to be sucked up into the storm at any minute. Finally I say it. She pushes me towards the guy and he comforts me.

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