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I've self injured a lot. It's an addiction for me, the way I handle a tough situation because I'm not good at dealing with my emotions. I also know a lot of other people who have done it. Have any of you self injured or attempted suicide? What do you think about self injury, and people who do it?
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I did when I was much younger and on the edge of seriously losing it, but I got better and am left the scars.

What do you think about self injury, and people who do it?

Ohh this won't end well... *backs away slowly*
The last time I did it was a week or two ago. It was the first time in 5 or 6 months. I'm getting better at controlling it but I don't know if I'll stop completely.
Many people see it as a cry for attention. I was never a cutter when I was growing up (that wasn't really around when I was in high school) but I did attempt suicide several times using various methods. Hell, I'm 27 and I was recently hospitalized for a suicide attempt last year.

I can't promise that things will get better, because you will always have emotional problems in your life. But maybe there is hope in talking about them with people you truly trust.
I've never attempted suicide but I have plans for how to do it, when, where, and I've written notes on real bad nights.
I know things might not always get better and I'll always have problems but the thing is when I try to tell someone about them they tell me to get help and I can't do that. I will NOT let my parents and teachers know that I cut myself. I don't want them to treat me differently. I like having their trust and respect so I don't really have anyone to talk to.
Why do you think your parents would treat you differently if you told them you're having problems? Having a GOOD psychologist/therapist you can talk to can do a world of good, trust me! I think your parents would want to know if you are having problems (at least I hope they would...some parents are cruel though).
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I agree with the above poster having someone to talk to such a therapist does a world of good.

As for myself I have only ever attempted suicide once; when I was 12, but the thoughts still cross my mind occasionally.
I started self injuring when I was nine, and just stopped last year so I did it for about 10 years. I mostly cut my ankles so no one would see, and I even tried burning for a bit.

However by sheer force of will and the amazing support of my friends I stopped. Parents can be tricky, my mother thought I was just being angsty at first but now she realizes this is a serious problem.
Schools offer great support, and hint hint it is free Im in college and I love the person I see I don't know how old you are but look into that.
Its bad and you should stop but someone times it falls in habbits and becomes natural and by the time you realize you shouldn't be doing it its too late...
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You should get a new hobby and some new friends.

The new friends thing isn't a smart a** remark- if you're friends with people who cut themselves even if you stop the'll just convince you to do it again.
My closest friends don't cut but some of my other friends have.

            I don't cut myself when I'm upset or depressed, but I do get myself injured, but not by myself. I get into fights with complete (usually drunk) strangers. It's sort of how I vent, because I keep all my feelings bottled up and it's just how I keep the bottle from exploding, I guess. It helps me concentrate on the physical pain instead of the emotional. But, I try not to do it, because some people would care if I died, and I can't put them through that kind of pain.

            So, in my opinion, cutting is bad.
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Well one of my best friends (well, i doubt if we still are... i quess not) cut herself and wanted to commit a suicide few times. She has a pretty good life looking from my eyes, but she always craves attention. A lot of attention. Her parents dont be with her at all, like they wouldnt be family. She is a social butterfly and has a lot of friends, she is beautiful but she thinks she isnt. I feel sorry for her, i dont judge her or anything at all.

Well in my opinion a lot of teens try to cut themselves, at least one or few times in their lifes... others have different addictions or ways to relax. I think it passes.
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I'm not going to lie I used to cut myself when I was younger. I turned to it because it gave me a sort of relief in a way. The emotional pain that I was feeling then became a physical pain. I don't do it anymore, haven't for years now.

I think that people turn to self injury they just don't know how to express themselves so they turn to hurting themselves physically.
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You should get a new hobby and some new friends.

The new friends thing isn't a smart a** remark- if you're friends with people who cut themselves even if you stop the'll just convince you to do it again.

Generally cutters don't peer pressure people to cut themselves. A self harm addiction is not the same as a chemical addiction. We don't go around saying, "Hey man, cut/burn yourself. It's sweet, bro." I've never met a self harmer that has tried to convince someone to do it. Self harm is just something we do and get addicted to for our own personal reasons.

Self harm is a very personal thing and people do it for a variety of reasons. It's also not a hobby, it's a coping mechanism. While not a healthy one, it works for a reason, because a person who self harms is not yet equipped with coping mechanisms that work in their favor.
I know cutting isn't good but at the same time it doesn't hurt me. I mean physically yeah it does but other than that it doesn't hurt me in anyway. It helps me a lot when I can't handle things but I don't know how to handle things the right way. Ever since I was little my mom would tell me 'Don't say anything' so I would be keeping everybody's secrets and staying strong for everyone else and eventually I just couldn't handle it. Cutting keeps me strong when I don't know how to be.

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