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I actually prefer shorter girls. Not ULTRA short, but a little below average height. It has to be a certain build though. If they aren't super skinny the short thing doesn't work of them in my book.

I guess a lot of people just prefer the taller girls. I really have no desire to date someone taller than me. I suppose they are a little more "attention getting" or at least more imposing, but that doesn't really matter to me.
I'm a man that's 5'5"... and that makes things difficult as a man. Girls seem to only want to date a man that is tall... or at least taller than she is. This cuts my selection down greatly. Also, people in general prefer people who are tall, meaning people automatically assume I have a complex. I just wanna say, if I was a girl at this height, it would be no problem... as I could wear heels and guys would still date me. As a man though, since I'm short, I'm more or less invisible to girls. It kinda sucks... but I've gotten used to it. I guess it's a male equivalent of being a fat girl.
I'm just the right height in my opinion ( 5'3 1/2" ) and that's all that matters to me.
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Wanna trades heights? sad
I'm 6'0 tall and the second shrimpiest one in my family biggrin When I was a kid my Mom always said I would love being tall (cause I hated it). Fast forward and I'm an adult and I don't know.. it makes it very hard to buy clothes. I hate that. Didn't like it when I was dating and almost every guy was shorter than me. I dated them though and my husband is just a little shorter than me. If I had a daughter though I wouldn't want her to be as tall as me. Tall is good... 6'0 tall is kinda hard. I always thought 5'8-5'9 was perfect height.

I hear ya. I'm a 5'10/5'11" female (depends on who's measuring me) and I do wish I was a little shorter. Clothes are impossible to find and I can't just share with friends. I was scolded in high school once for wearing a skirt that was too short even though it reached the ends of my fingertips because it looked shorter with my height. I have to find a knee length white dress for an event and while finding a white dress now is hard enough, I have troubles finding one that reaches my knees.

I also feel awkward around normal sized people at times - I know it should be some "power" thing, but I avoid heels, even in lawyery things I do. It's especially awkward to tower over clients for some reason.

Being tall can make it hard to find guys to date because many want shorter girls. Thank goodness I found my 6'7" bf. Our future kids are either going to be screwed or blessed height-wise.
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I don't really care.

I think people put too much emphasis on it.
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I am average height and have tall and short family members. Every in my family seems to love where they're at and I have never heard of them feeling bad about it. When a girl is becoming a women and people think she is a kid is an exception.
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Is "height-ism" an actual thing? It sounds similar to when brunette chicks complain about how blonde chicks get preferential treatment above everyone else. Would that be called "hair-ism" blaugh
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I barely reach 5 feet myself.

The first thing people say when they are introduced to me by friends is 'Wow. She's short!' They don't even address me, they say it to this friend while I am in front of them. It is alright at first, laughing, joking about it and forgetting. But as this kept constantly happening it sounded like the being short reaction turned into 'Wow, there is something really wrong with her!'

And your stature can't ever seem 'impressive' when short. Even when you are angry you look 'aww so cute'. People tend to 'overlook' you, too. They used to call me a mouse sometimes because they would suddenly not see me when I was next to them.

I put up with the short jokes quite well, but it gets annoying when you are receiving a lifetime of them. Especially when it is the same people that keep repeating them over and over. That includes the elbow resting. Some people do tire of it, some don't.

Another disadvantage is that when you are going out, beer gets passed and drunk over your head, and it tends to spill on top of you. Annoying as f***.

When wanting to look people in the eye you always have to stretch your neck and lean your head backwards, a small annoyance you get accustomed to, but it is there.

Also, feeling at home in other places is hard because you can't reach glasses/cabinets/the shower head that is up high. Unloading the dish washer actually makes me dizzy from stretching so severely I can hardly breathe well all the time.

I also need to watch my eating patterns, because being short I gain weight faster. I 'jojo' around my weight a lot.

Finding clothes that fit when you have wider hips, a big chest yet are short is really hard too.

Most sports are easier for taller people, so if you do enjoy something you still have a huge disadvantage. Being short annoyed me with PE, because anything besides stamina like basketball would give me lower grades. People wouldn't be impressed by me getting blocked all the time and laugh.

My chest is anything but flat and in combination with being short it enticed many 'suck it while you are down there' jokes. And many men don't see you as a serious romantic partner because you're too short for them.

The average modern 'knock-out' is in shape with long legs, something shorties like me don't ever cut. That is a blow to the self-esteem. People some times don't even think of you as a woman but as some kid.

I wear heels and Bugarri height increase shoes all the time, but it is hardly enough to cover for being less than 5 foot.

People always make the connection of 'she is short too', then compare, and it always turns out 'oh, no, you still are shorter' again. Doesn't help improve the issue either.

I am also from the Netherlands. Dutch people are pretty much the tallest of the world. Sucks for me.
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Women have evolved to be shorter than males. One theory for this is that gravity pulls saliva toward the female when kissing, which strengthens the immune system of the female and ergo strengthens the immune system of a child, who is at most need of it, through breast feeding. A male has little to no need for this boost, which is why it is not as necessary for him to be shorter.

Just an EvoPsych theory, but it works.

Whatever the real reason it, it is definitely evolutionary, as women are shorter than men across a statistically significant amount of - if not all - cultures.
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Welcome to the "height-ism" thread,

Here we, as in the members of this website, discuss why height is an advantage or disadvantage in various aspects of life such as labor market, socialization, upbringing, etc. If discussion of height is a sensitive topic for you -the reader- I recommend hitting the back arrow button.

So, here goes!

As a short person 4,11" I think there are some advantages and disadvantages when dealing with other people in society. My immediate family, relatives, friends and acquaintances have told me I'm "cute" and that being an Asian girl adds to that; I dislike how people pat my head, make my shoulder their elbow rest and presume to lay their hands on my flat chest and so following calling me a child- I'm a young adult for Christ's sake!

People tend to disrespect short people. I have seen tall people given a lot more attention and respect in terms of no interruptions during conversations, higher annual salary when compared to others in the same position and department, generally well liked and recognized for their achievements.

What does everyone else think?

I'm 6'10"

I have one general statement to make at this moment and it's something I've said before:

Height is irrelevant to me. Regardless of height, it doesn't mean you still can't get your butt kicked just the same as anyone else and made to feel humble real quick. Height doesn't make anyone "tough"."

That comment is generally for the guys who have ego mentality and feel the need to over compensate. Come back down to Earth. You're not Superman and you can definitely be made to feel humbled as quickly as anyone else. As I said, height means absolutely nothing. biggrin
I'm 4'9" and i have no problem with being short. The only thing that really bothers me is people who dont even know me very well or arent really a good friend just putting there elbow on my head and calling me short. Then just no, don't touch me.
I have not much to say on the matter except for that being tall is great.

I beg to differ.
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I have not much to say on the matter except for that being tall is great.

I beg to differ.

None of those are true. Unless you're a retard and don't watch where you walk. But you don't really have to be tall for that.
Jubilant Sunrise
I have not much to say on the matter except for that being tall is great.

I beg to differ.

None of those are true. Unless you're a retard and don't watch where you walk. But you don't really have to be tall for that.

Obvious joke is obvious. neutral

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