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ok i see what your getting at and it does mostly base off of how they grew up. such as a guy growing up seeing his father beat his mother will make him turn to it and think its ok in future years. it depends kinda how you see reality as either a melester that did it just for the thrill. or the guy that wanted it for depression so he tricked a girl into it. or the guy that just wants it so he over powers her. but it can be also for pation or to cover the pain. if you dont get much as a child you tend to want the thrill of "sex" or something to fill the gap of what you personafy as muturity.

as for the trully liking to be naked. it depends on the person. i personally like being naked. i dont know why i just do. i am a somewhat big girl and i do have a lot of boobage and a lot of curves. i dont like being naked to show off. just cause i think its fun to feel a little less....politicly corect. and no i do not mind being naked in front of my boyfriend. the warth of to naked bodies pushed against each other i like. and not even sex but just cudling. so ya being naked depends on ones views on their self and there confidence.

porn.....well truthfully that isn't an excuss. you have the choice to sit there and watch it or to walk away. you like it or you dont. you just have to learn to control your curiosity.

and for sex ypou dont like it dont do it. i personally choose to because i trully love the guy im with and he loves me too. so i felt ok enough to do it. and it was equeal

the over powering thing isnt only from guys. but girls to its called dominatrix. (a women that likes to be fully in control)
Your idea of withholding a initimate part of yourself for one person is beautifully illistrated. I can even say that I've put some of your ideas into practice. Unfortunately, I haven't achieved the claimed results. I have been living with my fiance for seven years and the exicitement and overwhelming feelings of tenderness are not there anymore. Do not get me wrong, I love him and he reciprecates the same. It's just after so many years, you become blase to another's nakedness. Sex simply doesn't matter. Conversation overtakes romance, and lust becomes familarity. I admit, it's not a fairy tale. In another way it is more than the first blush of relationship where uncertainties add to the sense of desire. The media's portrayal of women's sexuality means nothing in my relationship. How can the media effect it, when that one person has seen me in every situation imaginable and my reaction, behaviors towards life. Whatever society ingrains into you, after a long enough period of time, your significant other see's nothing but the real you and accepts it. Those women that flaunt their naked bodies are screaming for help and attention. They do not understand how to be accepted as a person, not from society, but from another human being. Once they find that person, things will change for them. They will come to realize that all the blantant sexual behavior was for nothing. One on one contact with humans effects a person more profoundly than any image society puts out.
I am a girl, and I let only my boyfriend see those parts, because I love him.

It doesn't have to be a sexual thing, we'll sleep together naked. I mean sleep, nothing else. We also lay around and cuddle and enjoy each other. He is very I guess... dominating would be the word? I am not sure. He doesn't seem to even like sharing his time with me with other people and prefers us to be together doing stuff, occassionally good friends are around which is alright but he has this thing about us being just him and I and nobody else should matter. He likes to have all of my attention. He doesn't tell me what to do and of course I still have many friends, most of them male, but I make sure to show him that he is the only one who gets me, as often as possible. He will say he loves my breasts and I'll let him have them, to me, they're mine mostly but also his. I chose what I do with myself but I chose to make him happy. When I am with another guy friend and my boyfriend shows up I gratituously give him most of my attention. It is what love does to people. He has been my best friend for about four years now and we've been dating for about nine months (I'm not 100% sure if it's been that long, I don't count really). He is special and receives a different level of understanding. Our secrets go through each other and I think it's important to distinguish the difference between someone who is just a FRIEND and someone who you're WITH, not just by holding hands or whatever but letting them do certain things and looking at them a certain way.
ok first of all i am a guy, now i love women i respect women it is their choice what they want to do not mine i would never try to dictate the way other people live their lives because i don't care how they live their lives.

i love my girlfriend she loves me we share our secrets and we share each other i love her, without her i would fall apart, she is the center of my world because she makes me happy, my words aren't finishged i'll finish them l8er srry
Its very depressing to see how far out of control society has gotten and its justified as nothing more than progress while covering up the problems with half-baked, sorrowful solutions, bitter arrogance, and tragic denial.

I also realized now that the majority of women are not aware and have absolutely no idea of what goes on inside guys bodies when they see a female as well as the fact that it seems women have only a mild feeling in comparison to when they see another female body. Why they beleive guys are feeling the same thing and "choosing" to act the way they do and trying to convince these "wrong-doers" that its not porn when to them, the reason its porn, is because it automatically excites them without their forcing of it.

No, I am not defending porn, I am simply explaining why its ignorant to say such things to guys when their reaction to nudity is completely different. The guys who are able to look at it with the mildness women possess usually have those feelings nearly gone and wouldn't be excited from seeing a womens body in the manner that uncontrollably excites other guys.

When a guy visually identifies a womans shape, and skin tone, they become excited to the point that resisting is painful as they men get filled with the intoxicating chemicals that make any other option seem ridiculous. Which is why many apathetic guys give in so easily to a naked woman.

To get to the point, do women in this society enjoy being naked? Do they know why? What application do they use their nudity in? From my own guess, it seems to depend on the girl and her personal beleifs on how she applies her nudity, so it varies. In this society, I feel that many girls are just targets and victims from the moment they are born. With all the apathetic men running around and all the corrupt men who view them as nothing more than commodities for their own personal use. I can't help but wonder if girls that show their nudity publically or to several men are not victims to corruption or are hurt and are trying to find a way to cope with their pain.

My heart breaks from thinking about how many girls have never been able to achieve happiness. How many girls have had their happiness taken and then be given a false substitute for it? I hope that you don't understand the previous sentence because I shouldn't be writing it and I do not wish to really tell people about any of this at all?

Are there any women that apply their nudity only for reasons that are solely for intimacy? For example, like a girl that wears like something that hides her breasts, and then when she is with the guy she chose to be with*and hopefully, not an apathetic guy or guy that has seen other women naked* and lets him rest his head on her nude breasts as a sign of intimacy between them? A girl that really puts emphasis on the privacy of her own body and only shares it with the guy she chose?

Also, I think a guy would fully appreciate the body of the girl he chose to the point of tears if he has never seen a woman's nudity before. I think a guy will never experience that if he has seen so many bodies of different girls that it changes him completely and such a feeling will never be experienced or understood to him.

I think men who has seen so many women, lacking that happiness and not being able to have the appreciation he would have had if he hadn't seen any woman, look to other things for happiness. Perhaps it is why so many guys neglect women or take them for granted.

I myself, have avoided seeing porn since I was young enough to understand it. I was indifferent towards the ridicule I got from other guys about not looking at girls bodies. I also don't masterbate or kiss pillows or anything. I was never thought this as I was born from a family that didn't teach or talk about anything like that and theres no one related to me that thinks this way. I basically thought these things up since I was in 5th grade. While others around me played, I was already thinking seriously on the subject of life and where happiness truly lies and why society is as it is. That was over a decade ago.

I have never been in a physical relationship, or kissed in the lips, or anything of that nature. I pretty much don't know what its like be with a girl and be kissed by her or be told that she loves you.

I don't try getting a girlfriend or getting married, because of all the millions of girls that are not able to find happiness. I don't want to be happy in that way in a world where others are not able to achieve happiness of that nature. That is why I stay in a girlfriendless state, if theres girls out there that are miserable and are not able to ever find that happiness, then I don't want to find that happiness either.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the amazing person wrapped in a protective bubble of liquid bullshit strung from his own half-assed confusion and misconceptions of the world around him!

Will he ever realize how he's strangling himself? How completely and utterly cut off from reality he is? Will he realize his words are like echoes in his head? Words that have no relevance to those outside? That all he produces is like alien logic from a acid tripping hobo raised by wolves?

The answer is probably, no.

So sit back and enjoy, and be happy you are not him.
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Liberal Lover

I'll admit many women reveal their bodies out of desperation.
Personally, I love the freedom nudity gives me. I used to insist on being naked, alone in my locked bedroom. When I got my first apartment, I didn't put clothes on unless I had to step outside the door.
My husband and I always slept together naked, not necessarily because of anything sexual, but because of the purity of being completely exposed and feeling the comforting warmth of your lover's skin against your own.
Only months after our marriage did I find out I was his first-- he had been too embarrassed to tell me. It amazed me that he considered such a wonderful thing so shameful, because I knew how much I regretted my virginity being forced from me years before. I wish he could have been my first. He was my first consentual partner, and he will be my last, but I still wish I could have given him my virginity.
Funny. I didn't used to put any value in sex further than its gratification. Love screws with your head. So many people will never feel real love, and that makes me sad. A moment of pure happiness is far greater than a lifetime of mediocrity.
For the record, I love being naked. I love walking around my house naked. And no I don't sleep around and I'm not a slut and I am a woman. I feel very comfortable with my body *shrug*
V15U4L 3RR0R
For the record, I love being naked. I love walking around my house naked. And no I don't sleep around and I'm not a slut and I am a woman. I feel very comfortable with my body *shrug*

QFT biggrin So many females are really uncomfortable with their body, I'm the same way as you. Love being naked and wouldn't have it any other way most of the time heart
008: Thank you for your input in the matter.

spider_desu: I apologize for my bluntness, it just happens to be my preference when writing as being direct sometimes feels a little vulgar for me and I might end up appearing rude.

When I spoke about foods that harm people, I wasn't really thinking about fast food, although it is unhealthy, there are other foods that are more dangerous. Foods that virtually have no nutrients in them whatsoever at all, and have artificial flavors such as monosodium glutamate which simulates the flavor in meats added to them to trick the mouth into thinking that it is eating food. The body will still feel hungry after eating these foods, causing the person to have to eat more as their body isn't getting what it needs to operate correctly. This leads to many people becoming ill over time from eating large amounts of this food.

You know how they say that power corrupts? Money is a form of power, and some people who are undisciplined and greedy, will be overtaken by the power of money, and will want more of it even if it means that other people will be harmed in the process. Same with knowledge, too much knowledge, another form of power, and an undisciplined person will become arrogant among other things.

Rhianna: Its not about if both genders disrespect each other or not. Its about why women in particular are victimized and how it impacts their behavior in the long term. Does it cause them to like to be naked?

Also, that lady you described, do you really want such a woman to exist? Would you actually want to visualize such a woman in your mind? Is it not a waste of thought energy to think of such things? Thought energy must be put to better use in order to find the answer and not be distracted by endless conflict that wasn't meant to exist. I hope that such a woman, finds peace and happiness in life, as such a situation, would clearly not be suitable for any person, ever.

zizi994: Thank you for your input and experience on the matter. Its good to have patience. Although, for me, I would never kiss in the lips unless I chose that girl. Only then would I kiss because I know I will be with her.

Braindead Kappa: Thank you for your words and experience on the matter. You have some wisdom, understanding, and flexible thinking. I hope you gain lots of wisdom later on and a full understanding of the world, in order to truly identify whats causing the problem that plagues all people. The truth about people is very shocking. I hope all people with some ability to understand eventually get to the level where they can finally see the problem for themselves. For now, the information is scarce and the evidence not present to really get to any conclusions about somethings.

Malsies: Thank you, I am 23 years old. It is true, that people enjoy different things, there are many ways to be happy, but I speak of some happinesses that can be supressed by introducing elements into the population that will have them set on living a lifestyle from the moment they are born, while other lifestyles that had been lived in older times, are being completely supressed so as future generations are born, not having a clue that certain ways of life had been lived while proving to be methods that were fulfilling. Now people are being born and are either willingly or unwillingly living these new lifestyles, believing that since it was already there, that nothing is wrong, and grow up into these lifestyles. Some lifestyles make people willing to bring harm to others just so they themselves can gain some sort of "happiness". Other lifestyles have people depressed, causing them to forget themselves in a harmful manner in order to deal with their ambient sadness. Its these lifestyles that make me feel ill, seeing people living them, and not knowing why they are trapped within these terrible cycles of suffering with no solution.

Celestial Lullaby: Thank you for your words and experience. For me, its the opposite, I don't need feelings in order to like a girl. Even if I knew a girl for a while, if I decide to like her, I will be attracted to her if I chose her. I don't work on the need for excitement in order to like. If I love the girl, no matter how much time has passed, I will be excited for her if I love her. Even without feelings, I would still love her, because you don't need feelings to love. Chemical feelings are something that comes with the body, and the body eventually goes away and takes those things along with it. That is why it is not a good use of time to listen to the chemical feelings, as they will not always be there. Its better to use your mind and try to get it to do what you want, than to just let them do as they please. Even if it hasn't been proven scientifically, its worth a try? I don't have the evidence or data other than my own experience.

babiboo001: Thanks for your words and experience on the matter.

CrippleThis: Thank you for your words and experience on the matter. I see that you have lived a way of life similar to what I spoke of, I can't really say its exactly what I speak of without asking a question or two that I don't really want to ask as it may depress some people. To be honest, the lifestyle I have talked about, is impossible to live in this "modern" society as there are several hundreds of things set up to prevent this from ever happening. I wish I could tell you why you have experienced that, but I don't want to cause you any stress as you seem to be happy enough. All I can tell you, is to live happily with him, and that you both be as unselfish with each other as possible in this society that suppresses relationships that try to live like that. I can't tell you how, but if you can't see it, it is better to not know for now I think. I would tell you if I had the solution to it. For now, just try to grow even more in understanding which you already have in good amounts. You seem to be good as you are, so for now, I can just tell you that you are doing really good so far considering the bad stuff that is present everywhere. You have good wisdom and you are able to understand what others can't.

spiderwebbing: Thank you for your words and experience on the subject.

monochromid liquid: Thank you for your words and experience on the subject, although, be wary. This society you live in, has many bad things set up. I hope that you grow in wisdom and understanding and that you get to a level were you will not fall apart. The reason of that because she makes you happy shouldn't be your reason for loving her. Love her for something more than that, rather than to love her because she just makes you happy. I hope you grow together and that you become a man that doesn't fall apart, but that protects her and loves her for a greater reason that you must find. Respect her and find another reason other than the feelings you are feeling to love her. The feelings you feel should be after you found what love means, rather than it being the reason for why your with her.

Rao the Zen Android: If it helps you to get it out of your mind, and I apologize if I caused you any form of stress. Although, I assure you I do not live in a bubble of any kind.

DBFreek: Thank you for your words and experience. It kinda made me sad, but the fact that you understand means you will find an answer. For some reason, many people are convinced that its something worthless rather than something special. I hope you find the happiness that you are looking for. I hope your past decisions don't cause you any further sadness than you already have. You have good wisdom and have flexible thinking.

V15U4L 3RR0R: Thank you for your experience.

Thank you everybody for this information and experience you have shared.

I wish I could talk about the things that are causing people problems.

I can tell you that, a guys eye, is the equivalent of a girls skin, in that a guy can feel good through his eye by looking at a girls skin, while a girl can feel good through her skin by being looked at by a guys eye.

The perversion of this, is for a guy to look at many girls skins, and for a girl to be looked at by many different guys. An example would be porn, a guy is looking at many naked girls, while the girl is being looked at by many different guys.

You can pretty much figure out the rest from there. Why was such a system introduced? What are the effects this has on the people involved? What kind of people is it creating? You'll find the answer by looking at society and seeing the way people treat each other. Why was such a way of life introduced if its going to cause people to act like this?

Also, I'm pretty sure some people are still assuming that I abide by some practices from these lifestyles.

This probably will be of a surprise to you. I myself, have never, to put it in slang terms "choked chicken". I never did that because I think its a selfish thing to do. I would only want to feel those type of feelings from the girl I chose. I also think doing something like that would make her sad.

All the decisions I have ever made, I chose them myself, I taught it to myself, I thought of it myself. I observe silently all around me.
Depends on when I'm naked. I don't need to be out in public for everybody to see my goodies. I mean, I have to take a shower don't I? Gotta be naked for that. And I like being naked with my boyfriend...for obvious reasons.

I think women being naked is all about what takes place in the mind. I'm not self-conscious about my body but I don't need every and anybody seeing what I got.
Wow is all I can say!
I've noticed a heap of responses from girls here saying "I love when my boyfriend enjoys how I look naked, I love that feeling of being wanted..."
While this sounds nice and I'll admit I'm the same too, it seems like women are insecure and use their bodies, as they've been tought to by some part of society, to create the feeling of being wanted and being loved. Just like so many girls out there who sleep around out of insecurity to feel loved - is this not the same thing, just at a more extreme level?

What I'd like to know is why so many women are so insecure. Because rationally, we all know that being loved and being wanted is (perhaps idealistically?,) something that is directed at our personalities and who we really are on the inside and all that. Yet emotionally, we all can't seem to help but to doubt that, or to desperately want to at least feel loved if we aren't, and so we gain a more instant and epistemological reassurance through the appreciation of our bodies and our sex.

Maybe that's partly it; Our society places undoubted philosophical value on epistemology and we don't even notice it. We live in a world where tangible appreciation feels better than just 'blindly' trusting in love of the soul. Or maybe it's a biological instinct I don't know. Maybe it's the media's fault for over-sexualizing our society.

But still, there must be something more than that out their in our society that's making women feel like this.
V15U4L 3RR0R
For the record, I love being naked. I love walking around my house naked. And no I don't sleep around and I'm not a slut and I am a woman. I feel very comfortable with my body *shrug*

QFT biggrin So many females are really uncomfortable with their body, I'm the same way as you. Love being naked and wouldn't have it any other way most of the time heart

Glad to know I'm not the only one. Being naked is for Winners.

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