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Schizophrenia isn't even a disorder in the same spectrum.

They are both psychotic disorders.

Schizophrenia is in the psychotic spectrum. DID is in the dissociative/depersonalization-derealization spectrum.


"The different elements of a spectrum either have a similar appearance or are thought to be caused by the same underlying mechanism."

Schizophrenia and DID are not similar in appearance and are not thought to be caused by the same underlying mechanism.

They are both psychotic disorders.

Oh okay.
i wanted to add my piece that it does exist from personal experience... i personally have 2 "me" in my head they don't have a distinctly different personality but one is seriously emotionally vulnerable and constantly testing boundaries of "reality" perception etc... and the other is a more physical live in the moment more "normal" type person and because of this i lack a definitive personality and in the case of who am i i honestly couldn't say cause im technically 2 people it's not a situation of MPS often referred to as DID and i have met 2 people who have MPS and they most definitely aren't "faking it" or "exaggerating" it... and if they are then holy crap that would take so much energy and concentration for absolutely no reason my roommate and best friend also has a disassociated identity the way we have kinda of classified it is we are generally identity lacking consciousness that thinks and cognates but has no real definition other than the definition and identity/personality we impress upon it for any particular situation.... so in short yes i believe DID does exist though i do believe it is diagnosed/ people think they have it a lot more than is realistic and want to use it as a scapegoat for any number of reasons
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I will say that it is real. Why? Because I am with a person who has DID. Each case is different. Aft first, when I was first looking at it, I was thinking the Hollywood has many to believe... Which made me think that he was just joking in the beginning.

As I started doing my research on the disorder, I quickly realized that he did have have it. There would be times when I saw him and would go out and hug him, only to have him flat out reject me.

My boyfriend, when he switches, is a bit more different than how others with DID switch, which I learned recently that each case has their own individual ways of switching, and not all of them are the same.

I have seen him switch from the core/host personality (the one I am dating) to the protector (I am using some of the terms that many DID people would understand. I also learned these terms because it would be easier for me to communicate with my boyfriend and the others). And it was a very scary experience. I had saw him pass out at my place and I was smacking his face to try and wake him up. And when he woke up, it wasn't him but one of the alter egos. And they were calling me a whinny b***h and to shut the ******** up because I was annoying.

Right now, my boyfriend is going through a tough time trying to merge/integrate with one of the other personalities and trying to see if he can get more to agree under a certain condition with one of the main egos that runs the show from inside his mind. The only one that so far isn't agreeing is the protector, which doesn't surprise me.

It's a very difficult thing to see your partner suffer from not knowing who they truly are and knowing that they got their DID because of something as frightening as abuse when they were very small.

My boyfriend knows that one of the reasons why he got DID was because of a few near death experiences, and because of childhood traumas like bullying and being pressured to the extreme.

For me, I never viewed as DID as MPD. I always viewed it more as a somebody who will "act" in a situation or with a group, not necessarily somebody who has more than one personality... And MPD is the full blown different personalities. The fact that they change the terms and definitions for disorders and syndromes is very difficult.

For example, I right now with the current DSM book, I am able to be clinically diagnosed with BPD, Border Personality Disorder. But the next version that should be coming out next year or so, would say that I do not qualify for that disorder. And I honestly find that to be a bit dangerous for some people. Especially because we are talking about mental health, and many people who have BPD are known to have a very high suicidal rate and tend to not only have BPD, but an other list of disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, be manic depressives, DID, sexual identity disorder, and so on. The new edition would just have the psychologist/therapist killing the ants instead of killing the queen.
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In my opinion , all of this is true

* a person has alter egos and denies them to get away with things
* a person legit does things and doesn't know he did them (DID or MPD)
*a person perhaps was possess or unwillingly inspired by a spirit or another unknown force to do things against his will or knowledge

I've first hand have seen cases of all three
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We don't actually have enough evidence to decide either way.

If you're asking about Shirley Mason and her lesbian lover, Connie Wilbur, Shirley didn't have DID.
Wilbur pushed the idea of DID very far, and she did it by manipulation, lying, and drugging people up with concoctions known for causing false memories.
Currently, the idea of DID is typically snickered at, but the concept of having multiple beings living inside of us is common, and dates back to at least the first century. Think about demonic possessions, and dybbuk possessions--people have long seemed to switch back and forth between person and people.

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