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I am not one to know a lot about dating, i have not had much (really...no) experience in the area, even at 23 years old. But i have for the first time really, started seeing a guy. we have been going on dates for about a month, off and on.

But here is my question/inquiry...another guy has recently asked me out to have coffee with him.
So is it ok to go and have coffee with him with the possibility that it could be a date? even though i have been on 5 or so dates with the first guy?

Keep in mind people. i really have no experience in this field. I have never dated before this. i really haven't had boyfriends. i am starting completely new to this. I know people in this forum area can get very rude. and i do not want that in my thread.
Do whatever feels right to you. If your relationship with the first guy isn't too serious, I personally don't see any harm in going. If it would make you feel better, maybe you could tell the first guy about it, but I don't think that's absolutely necessary.
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This probably belongs in the Life Issues forum. But I'll provide you with my input, anyway.
If you two haven't made it an official relationship, and he hasn't made it clear to you that he wants it to be heading that way, I wouldn't worry about it.
That is the idea of dating smile you go out and get to know people. They are harmless unless you are actually in a serious relationship.
Don't challenge a forum to be rude, it will be.

You're perfectly entitled to drink coffee with whomever you please. As a rule if it is something you would do on your own in public you can do it with anyone.
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If you haven't established an exclusive relationship between yourself and the first man, then you are perfectly free to go get coffee with the second guy. Although, the second guy could just want to hang out and get to know you as a friend, so even if you were in an exclusive relationship, you could still go get coffee with him.

For the simple version: go. You're young. Enjoy casual dating. Enjoy meeting people. Have fun!
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If you are not in a relationship with the guy you have been on five dates with, I'd say it is ok to go on the date with this new one. I, personally, have only ever been on dates after getting into an exclusive relationship with someone, so my perspective is a little reversed.
dead thread was dead...but thanks for the reply anyways. it is nice for people to reply and help, even if it is late smile

might as well say that the coffee meeting turned out to go great and i have been dating said guy for about 2 months now, and am super happy! Just to think , i was worried about having coffee with him...i would have missed out on an amazing relationship.

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