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I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome 10 years ago.

I've never liked my head, neck, face or any of the things I own being touched.

And I still have a lot of trouble communicating with people.

Gaia was the closest I had to social interaction for years.
I am very much interested in learning and helping people who suffer from it, I would love to befriend anyone who wants a friend to talk to! I am currently trying to date someone who has it but..
My thread on life issues

It is rather complicated >.<
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angel of the hourglass
i have aspergers... but im honestly to emotionally exhausted right now to say my life story... maybe another day when i have the energy
Same here. Just came here since I have asperger's syndrome, so my interests were piqued.
Im Autistic. I got diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning disorder when i was five, and my mother thought I was fully retarded instead of just Autistic. So she kept on bringing me to doctor after doctor after doctor until they told her that yes, I was a retard. It was more of the fact that she thought it was worse than it was, and that she always believed the worse.

At the age of eighteen though, I was rediagnosed with PDD-NOs, mainly because of the fact that I seem like Im not even autistic at all, and that I somehow got better. Even though my mother was crazy and insane, she still believed that even though I got 'better' I still was retarded.

I am perfectly fine socially, and everyone who interacts with me without the influence of my own mother can see Im a creative, intelligent young woman who understood TLOTR books when she was in third grade and read them.
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I am 29 now and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14. Computers and cars are my specialty. The abuse I have encountered in 2008 was out of this world by another person with Autism that I had known as a so-called "friend" of 10 years. I only know one person with AS/Autism on here and now I can be friends with alot more. I have been on this site for many years and this is a whole new community I have never heard of.

I am curious, what exactly do you mean by 'computers and cars are my specialty'?
Do you build computers and cars? Or sell them?
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My brother, mum, and I are all Aspies.
I was never diagnosed with Autism, let alone Asperger's. I've had a lot of people ask me if I was, and through my own research, it seemed realistic. I don't claim that I do have it, but I definitely identify with those that do. My younger years were ridiculous regarding my actions, how I perceived people, and how i thought they perceived me. It led to a lot of instances of depression, and later, attempts on my life. I feel for the most part I'm pretty integrated with society now, though I feel like I would never had understood those around me if I hadn't tried smoking MJ. Not supporting that as an option if it's illegal where you are, it's just relevant.

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