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Like generally tends to attract like. If a girl is going out clubbing on the weekends while her boyfriend is at home studying, they might have a lot of shared interests outside of that, but they also might just be together because of inertia. They can still feel love for one another, but it may be a bit of a different beast than the kind of love the girl might find if she were to, say, date someone who goes out clubbing like she does but doesn't necessarily share some of her same views in other areas.

Defining "love" is tricky because it's thrown around a lot and it means all sorts of things to all sorts of different people, especially terms like "true love," suggesting that there's love which isn't true. It's not so simple as "there's true love and then there's fake love or puppy love." It's shades of gray. Even couples who have been together for years can end up being together for reasons outside of sharing passionate interests, but having strong interests generally tends to be a strong bonding agent.
True, it might be a problem if you have different interests. But it doesn't matter, once you live together. You see each other every day, if he wants to do something you're not interested in, so be it. same way around. Both couples can find things they love doing together! For example, If he doesn't like dancing, so they can go out to a calmer place that doesn't require dancing - like a pub or something.

That's the whole thing about real and serious relationships. compromising. Once you're stuck with the same person for couple of years, you learn to love doing things that you once didn't. And even if you don't love it, you still do it because your partner wants you to join.

I personally live with my BF together 4 years (it was love in first sight, we just clicked). and luckily we have common interests, and we never had that problem... so.

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