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Well the title says it all. My home country is Canada and I am sad to say that we are doing horrible emotion_facepalm but still, that doesnt beat down my pride as a Canadian emotion_awesome . But I do have a second favourite country that I am cheering for also...and that country is Japan. I mean come on, who doesnt love Japan? They are the ones who created Manga, Anime, and Vocaloids and my beloved Pokémon, and I love all Japanese people so much emotion_bigheart . Well anyways, what country are you guys rooting for? Im sure we would all have tons of fun sharing our pride emotion_c8
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I am for Canada! I know were not the best but were doing great for Summer Olympics. Usually we suck more then that xD
Great Britain doing wonderful!
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Right now, i’m cheering for the United States as well as a few other smaller countries. They deserve recognition too and I love seeing small countries win gold.
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I sure as hell was cheering for Poland in that men's volleyball semi-final (quarterfinal?) against Russia...
Russia won, of course, so that sucked
But the United States has got my support c: USA all the way, baby
I am for Canada! I know were not the best but were doing great for Summer Olympics. Usually we suck more then that xD
Great Britain doing wonderful!

agreed! well i am from Canada too so yeah :3
I'm from Canada so i gotta cheer for them. and i think it was gymnastics, they got 5th place? and they were still cheering, that was pretty awesome xD
but i'm also cheering for Great Britain :3
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I'm English (though live in the USA) so I support Team GB
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I am half-American and Half-Chinese, what the ******** is happening to my brain </333
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Well, USA is my homeland but originally Mexico
So cheering for them and Great Britian cuz olympics is in their country
Also countries that are mostly never heard of somehow find their way into semifinals or close to medal I mean come on USA and China are hogging all the medals
Britain and China heart
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CHINA!!! Because 99.9999999999% of my family was born in China. (i was only one born in a different country) And also USA because that was where i was born :3 but most of my room is filled with China! so yeah lol maybe 75% China and 25% USA! And i also wish all the other countries luck! Jia You! (Chinese pronunciation for Fighting! which is also good luck lol) 4laugh 4laugh
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I had high expectations for our athletes (maybe because veryone over-hyped them...) But I'm still proud of them! C:

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I also support GBR. c:
i vote for gabby she is my fav but for country USA!!!!!!!!
i cheering for china burning_eyes burning_eyes
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