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Lol kinda remains me off eggmaniga lol when I play Mario and sonic
Yeah we had some good athletes
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      I don't think it's entirely fair, though: considering there are countries with three athletes, I don't
      think it's fair to say how great countries like China, America and Great Britain are as sporting
      nations when they're sending in hundreds of athletes and have three athletes in every race.

Life's not fair neutral

      But neither is outnumbering people and claiming it's down to pure skill. The athletes who won
      did so well, but there were many, many, many American athletes who probably absolutely failed
      to countries smaller than them and were not given media attention for such reasons. If the size
      of teams was limited to one team / one athlete per event, the big countries wouldn't do nearly
      as well.

      I honestly didn't realise Americans were so unsportsmanlike.

So what you're saying is that the big countries are actually terrible at sports only win due to sheer numbers. Haha okay.


duhh we rule
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I am of course happy that my country performed so well, but we really can't ignore the fact that the US has a massive population pool and the resources to put our athletes through top-notch training. That, and we have a sports-oriented culture to begin with (sometimes to our detriment, unfortunately).
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yay! mrgreen amazing and all the athletes are incredable from all countries

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