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bahahaha. You be smoking too much herb
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Pffft. Won't happen. Hope so.
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brb laughing my a** off
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Do yourself a favour, stay away from London in 2012. Pass this information on. And remember this warning come the dreadful future attack.

There have been many evidence that will prove that sometime during the olympics there will be a planned attack which has had future predictions in movies such as "V for Vendetta" (There are many more) But overall is the illuminati Which! they have this all planned out which is why it is hosted at london this year just so they can bomb the big ben tower! and they might use osama or his "fellows" as the reason.It might even be a start of World War 3.

wahmbulance Stay away from the olympics! Do some research on this and the illuminati card game!! it shows it all!!! wahmbulance


I was there in London during the Olympics and even attented some of the events. There was no attack what so ever.

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