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Mr Bean is quite universal, but how well were the ceremonies understood by none english speaking countries.

I have to confess the whole story with the two kids dating confused me and I am a Londoner, I find it hard to believe the Chinese would have appreciated it as much as we appreciated the Bejing ceremony.
I am strucked by the amazement of the Opening Ceremony. Mr Bean playing Chariots of Fire by Vangelis (and the remixes had been played all the time during the medal ceremonies). The story of how Britain became from agricultural to industrial nation through the Industrial Revolution, with the famous words of I.K. Brunel. Their love for their universal health care system they call the NHS. The showcase of the best of British music, and finally, the founder of the Internet, Tim Berners- Lee.
it was so lame.
I agree, the kids running around dancing was pretty boring, and the girlfriend boyfriend thing sucked, but the NHS and mary poppins stuff worked great, but are the chinese aware of who mary poppins is, image if we watched the beijing one and some character from an epic chinese kids who is unknown in the west floated down from the sky.
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it was pretty awesome! opening was better than closing, but if i were an Olympian, i wouldn't care. I mean getting to the Olympics is a huge deal! biggrin
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I wish Jessie J didn't perform We will rock you. stare
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Meister Kyle
I wish Jessie J didn't perform We will rock you. stare

      Agreed. I wish they'd used a Freddie hologram like that Tupac one...

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