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I love the winter Olympics too, but the summer Olympics is a bit more exciting
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It always such a big letdown when the Olympics are over, but lets not forget that the Winter Olympics are on the way in Russia this time around, and we've got Rio to look forward to! And there's always highlights and footage of our favorite athletes to watch over again.
Once the date of the Winter Olympics draws closer and we watch the flame travel around the world again, the anticipation and excitement will return. :3
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ikr...I always get a little depressed when they end....
Can't wait to see the Rio opening ceremony.nits gonna be crazzzzy
i know how you feel! i've never really been into the olympics until this year. it was so amazing and the finals yesterday was just so happy and i feel so empty now, i wish the olympics was every 2 years at LEAST. crying
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me to but the good thing about it is that in 2016 its going to take place in Rio Brazil(who I think totally stole the show from the uk during the ending ceromony because lets face it, the uks cermonys weren't that eye opening... razz )
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Now what am I going to watch all afternoon?
the opening and the closing ceremonies are so amazing!!! mrgreen mrgreen heart heart heart heart heart
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i will miss London! it was awesome. Rio's intro last night was a bit strange... but hey who knows, they might be the next best. plus theres winter olympics in btwn smile
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        Well there's the winter olympics coming up, which I'm certainly going to watch, but I think there's more to watch in the summer (in my opinion) c:
        Yeah it does get a bit depressing when I see the torch being unlit...
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Agreed. I cry crying
ohhh me too sad
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Me too, me too. crying

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