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Philippine Team is so well underfunded that it's a joke at that point. But I was definately cheering for them. Philippine Govt. Stop spending your damn money on that ridiculous casino and actually make an attempt to fix your damn city.

Yeah. I totally agree. I heard from my mother that there as this one year where they only had one bottle of water per person when they should have been hydrated more....

oh well at least their trying ^^

still a bit sad when they didn't win in boxing stare

Yeah, it's pretty pitiful. They can afford to build huge buildings, yet, they can't afford to support their own people. Quite pitiful indeed.

It's even worse, with the storm, I can already tell this, that a lot of the focus won't be the people that are in the slums, but rather the rich, it's always been that way. Rich gets the most attention, while the poor gets the worse of it.

I definately agree, they tried very very hard! But it was a good fight! And I give kudos to this team! Even though they were tiny as hell, they did a good job not making themselves look like jokes. Even making in the Olympics should already be an achievement enough for them. I've read that many actually have to buy their own stuff, their own tickets, and their own stuff, simply because the Philippine Government gives a pitiful amount of money and attention to it's own Teams and athletes.