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...because I have absolutely no clue
I all ready asked this question in the official zOMG thread...and it got no responses.
and hell no I didn't read the beginning tutorial.
I wanted to know about the G'hi too since I forgot what it was. I did some research and this is what I founds since no one was helping you out. Hope this will help you understand.
G'hi is a player's life force, and goes up as they talk, heal other players, and interact with other player characters in general. G'hi makes the characters slightly faster, stronger, and more resilient, but increases in its effects as the player spends more time with others (grouping up and forming parties is encouraged right off the bat). G'hi gradually drops when you're not around other players, but your G'hi abilities will reassert themselves as soon as you start interacting with others again.
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Mikoto is correct.

In a nutshell, G'hi is a force that gives you bonus stats. You get it when you work with/near other Gaians as you play zOMG.

It's a way to make zOMG easier to play if you quest as a group. It's also possible to quest individually, but you won't benefit from G'hi.
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gives you an attack bonus 2 lol btw easy way 2 refil g'hi is 2 go into town but i dont understand the abilties tho scream
o you cannot use G'hi? its just there and builds up over time with oither player around you?

It's not an ability you can activate at will, it's a passive effect that varies in strength according to how much ghi you have in your meter.
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Thank you, Plasterduck. It confused me, too.
I've been trying to figure this one out myself, thank you for the info - now I understand it better!
How do you tell when you get a new ability?
(besides checking in your player profile)
I've been in almost 10 threads looking fo rhte answer to that very questionXD
thanks all!
i found an easy way to recharge you ghi is to go to the city and stay around people for a little and it goes back up
How do you tell when you get a new ability?
(besides checking in your player profile)

it says it like in red letters
thanks heaps for the answers heart
how long does it usually take to get a new ability?

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