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crying I update my wish list and over 19 idems get deleted?? What's up with that? I've had a few other issues before (like not being able to complet a recipe AFTER I OBTAINED EVERYTHING NEEDED stressed ) and the Contact form doesn't seem to want to work! I'm getting so fed up with a lot of this banana split. I love Gaia, this is my second account; since my first one I had for nearly 4 years got deleted do to "inactivity".
I want to know what's what, that's all. I really, seriously doubt I am asking for too much here. sad
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Hi there~
Sorry to hear that happened but unfortunately, you aren't the only one this has happened to. There appears to be a glitch that has been causing some people's Wishlists to disappear, but not everyone. >__<
I'm afraid there's nothing you can do but add everything back on.
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you might be able to click the back button of your browser to get it to show what you had, then you can add them back.
thats what i did when it happened to me and i was able to rebuild my wishlist.

also gaia doesn't delete accounts due to inactivity.

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quote me for faster response
Thanks for the tips. smile And maybe they don't delete any more, but that's what happened to me. I had an account from 2005 to 2009, went to sign in almost a year later and my account was closed. But oh well, right? It's been 2 years, got a new account, now having problems! In four years, I might of had 2 problems; in what? 3 months I've had...4? 5 problems??? cry
I loved Gaia from the beginning, I won't give up easily.
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I'd take a screen shot of your wishlist in case it happens again so you don't forget anything that was on it.
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it happens to me all the time when i'm trying to update me wishlist.so i don't update it anymore sweatdrop
Yeah, I'm totally going to take a screen shot next time IF I update my wish list AGAIN exclaim

Awesome feed back, thanks everyone heart
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I can assure you Gaia has never deleted accounts. They do close them but only at the request of the owner of the account. What happened with your old account was probably that you were blocked/banned. Now back then you could have filed a ticket to have it looked into but it is too late now. Issues that you've been having with the site recently could either be attributed to the changes that they have been making or even your computer and/or browser. The wishlist bug however has been around for months now unfortunately so you're not the first that this has happened to and sadly, I doubt you'll be the last.

Also, if the help center redirects you to the My Tickets page, try clearing your browser's cache as that has been known to help.

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