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Most of the things on this site I really want are only available in the marketplace, can't use Gaia cash for that. If I were to invest my cash into something would that be wise? Invest, sell and then buy what I want?

Or should I do something else.. sad I am relatively new here so I dunno what I should do yet. What would YOU do? smile
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Rigs self fast if you sell them a little lower than lowest buy price. Most of the new EIs i wouldn't trust yet.
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RIGs and EI's are the most popular and easiest to convert Gaia Cash into Gaia Gold.
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Good invest will depends of the demand it has and how fast you want that gold.
but mostly
first gen IE (risky)
Bundles (+/- risky)( price ascend according time)
Monthly Collectable letters (+/- risky) (price ascend according to demand and a long time [years] )
RIGs (+/- some dolls tend to low in price if they do not have any eyes or hair pose)
But right now you can buy the hermes moon:aspiration (though, check fist on the MP how's the price and also I warn you that you could get in love with this creature)
Not to sound stupid but.. what are RIGs and IEs? I just started playing hehe sweatdrop
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RIGs are Random Item Generators, think of them like little mini games you buy in item from from the Cash Shop, when you play it, you get to try your luck an end up with a random item.

EIs are Evolving itemsUser Image
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RIG = Random Item Generator. The one in the cash shop right now is The Perfect Tragedy. EI = Evolving Item. There are several in the cash shop right now. 3nodding
Well thanks so much guys, you were very helpful smile heart

I hate being a nub, it sucks! XD
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If you are planning on investing in EI's just be aware that Gaia can and will re-release them into the cash shop if they have the urge and it will affect the prices.

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