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I'm trying to sell some stuff for the aquarium but I can't because they're lock. Anyone know how to unlock stuff?
If you've already put a fish in your tank, it becomes locked to your account and you can't sell it.
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the fish you got as starters (2 goldfish, 1 arrowfish) can't be traded or sold. you can sell or trade ones you buy from the store as long as they haven't been used.

also, if your paypal account is new, they put a temporary lock on items until the account is verified.
you hav to take them out of the tank then sell them at the market place rofl
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Dreamy countrygirl248
you hav to take them out of the tank then sell them at the market place rofl
I am the Dark Lord and I get all the girls
and you need to stop giving people wrong info
if it has been in your tank at all you can't sell them
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Unless it's a background or terrain, in which case I'm pretty sure you can remove and sell it. They don't expire like the fishies do.
I'm having the same problem. Items are listed but every time I put them up in the marketplace. It says FROZEN ITEM!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to sell them for over a day now. I've went to my tank and it is empty and still can't sell. What to do.......
OGA4 - if it's your fish you're trying to sell, you can't.
i got a fish from the daily chance will i be able to sell that question exclaim question
i just got an item and im trying to sell it but it wont let me ... it says frozen cannot move
what do i do?
i've got a nightmare box that I purchased from one of the stores and it won't let me open it cause it shows that it is locked and when i try to open it it says error granting item. anyone have a clue how to unlock it?
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yah! I can't sell my new monthly collectible because it say "frozen item cannot move" **sigh*
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You may not sell your overseer. Evidently the few that are in the MP were from a glitch--and those people are risking banning.

For you guys who bought from the cash shop for a quick profit and got frozen--my sympathies are with you.

I bought 10 Cauldrons when they first came out--and were selling for over 19k==but all ten remained frozen for nearly a week, if not the whole week. You can't (nor can anyone else) unlock a newly purchased item--you just have to wait the week out.

I've had the same PayPal account for many many years--and nothing like that has ever happened, so it's on gaia's end--but it's one of their "anti-botting" measures, so we're just going to have to bear with them.

I lost about 6k of profit per Cauldron....(I lost big time on the 2nd gen totes I bought in the MP too--blah) but oh well. It's a game.
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Wow i know this thread is essentially dead but I have the same locked issue. I have had the same paypal account for years and it's verified yet I still had to use the 7 day wait period. I purchased a few items a week later and had to wait 7 days with that as well. The most interesting part as of last night is that I got a cash card and I redeemed it and promptly used it to buy some stuff. Even the cash card items are frozen. I don't know how long that will last but I thought it was an interesting spin on stuff since it shouldn't in any way be related to paypal.
i wanted to sell the ninja fish and it said frozen item can not be remove i wanted to sell it because it was a lot of money but it would not work i tried to sell again and i did not click on the save in aquarium and it did not work so i wish i can sell it and it would not work so exclaim rolleyes sad

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