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Kokia Angel
Shin Festir
Because paypal is like a bank they are closed on weekends and holidays.

And people wonder why we cant have nice things. :/ Looks like I'm sticking to cash cards. Paypal's a b***h.
Once this 7 days is up and u spend all the cash u have right now then you buy cash again with paypal it wont freeze. Buy spending all the cash I mean down to 0. Have 0 gaia cash remaining. If you don't the old gaia cash will contaminate the new.

To add on, this includes if you buy even Gaia Cash Cards.
I don't think so? Gaia cash cards are exempt from the freeze. I've used nothing but cash cards and GC offers and I've never been subjected to the 7 day freeze period.

We're talking about until he uses all of the cash he bought with paypal. smile Make sure you read before posting, hun. smile

If you don't use the Gaia Cash that you bought for the first time with Paypal or a credit card, all Gaia Cash added to the amount will result in your items being frozen for seven business days, this includes Gaia Cash Cards getting mixed up with this 'frozen' cash.