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I have an image that I've been using in a post style, and a few days ago I uploaded a new version of it to my Photobucket account. I didn't change the filename, so as far as Gaia's concerned, it's the same file. How long will it take for the image that I see in my posts to match the version that I see on Photobucket? (Will Gaia recache it eventually?) It wasn't a particularly noticeable change, but it was important, so I'd like to not have the old version floating around for longer than it needs to.
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The cache is on your computer, not Gaia.
My browser's cache gets cleared every time I close it. What I mean is, when you right-click an image in a post and choose 'properties' or 'view image information,' the URL for the image begins with "http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/" rather than whatever domain the image was originally uploaded to. It seems like it's being cached somewhere on / by Gaia. Or am I just misreading this?

I do see the new version of the image when I view it on Photobucket. Putting the same URL into my posts shows the old version.

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