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I really can't believe that people fall for this kind of thing.It's obvious they're not Gaia because Gaia has every users information anyway! So they wouldn't have to ask you for your password! At any given time Gaia Staff can assess your account and see if there is anything unusual going on.
ALSO: Watch out for the fake youtube videos titled: "How to get free gold on Gaia", "Gaia Gold Glitch" and "Gaia Editor V.2". THESE ARE ALL FAKE! These videos have gotten a lot of users hacked. The makers of these videos usually include something like this: You must have over 5k worth of gold or this glitch will not work.
Please do not fall for this!
is there a admin called avi_admen156, because i have been getting harassed by the same person who has multiple accounts and avi_admen156 i think is one of them that she uses and her name isn`t in orange.

yes that is him, I have had countless attacks by him threating to report me if I don't give him my password information. I have reported him too, gaia is investagating his accounts. Notice the word admin is spelt wrong in the name XP.I hope no more people fall for his scams.
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This is a Pg-13 site, 13 year olds can be easily scared into giving their passwords away. To the more mature Gaians this all seems obvious, but to a 13 year old they just don't want to be banned.
thats helpful... just in case 4laugh
Should also add that floating trunk .__. scam...

Oo there's a trunk scam? how do you figure that one out?
Ugh I wish I saw this earlier....

I just got hacked from most of my stuff like....15 minutes ago...luckily nothing of serious value was taken, and 5.5k gold.

Luckily I was able to change my password using my e-mail. I still have 500 gold left...I don't know why the guy just didn't take it all.

Report securityenforcer24 if you see him~ He's the one that sent me the e-mail.

Here's proof: Hacker

I got the same exact messege with small details different only from a different name and gender:

Thanks much <3 Hope it helps people new to gaia and old members alike whee
Lol thanks for this. I just got one of this message a minute ago....it scared me at first but when they asked for mu password i knew it was a fluke...then the other day i got a msg asking me to join a guild that said that if I click the link and join they will give me 10k...lol it was so absurd but i really believe people should know about this cuz there's some naive people who will believe that just to get gold..
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Well I'll admit I got hacked on another account, though it was mainly because I disregarded the color code for admins at the time. I had sent an earlier message to the admins about a market problem 5 days before the huge market problems began, and so I was expecting a reply, and it just so happens I get one...from a hacker so I easily got suckered. His name was also twisted to something like Mod_Assistant. I reported him, and I have to ask how long does it normally take to get a reply from a hacking report? I was told around a month is what it takes for a reply and investigation about lost items and gold, but I hope I get one soon. I feel almost like sending another one, or recontacting an admin I met through e-mail to check and see if he got it. I mean is it so much to ask to at least get a reply that tells you an investigation is underway so I know they're doing something about it.
Well, I'd say this this is the most useful thread out of all the forums.
This is real helpful i cant stand those pms anymore, got like two or three of them but they are so (enter unhumanlike language) eek sorry i meant..... annoying
now she has reported me like 100 times so she says, is there away to recover messages that are in the sent tab, i reported her because she is after using so many accounts to pm me and i don`t want to be banned, she is after using like 4 accounts to pm me and the last one i didn`t even know it was her, she chose a diffrent gender and pretended to like me and stuff, i don`t want to get banned over this.

Reading posts like this leads me to believe Gaia really needs to raise the minimum age allowed to register on the site - and ENFORCE IT. Absolutely nobody under age, say, 15 or so.
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ill keep these things in mind =3

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