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a few time when in a puzle room, (usually around 3 in the morning)
a person who does not register, speaks, often it says admenistrator, some times it sayes undefined or somthing like this, wheather or not these are admenistrators they are very annoing and one of them tryed to get me to go to a fake gaia and put in my password and stuff.
i don't think there admins just I thought i'd bring it up.
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Should also add that floating trunk .__. scam...
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My daughter was in a puzzle room by herself and got a link from someone with a fake admin account to click on a link for a prize. When you go to the link, it takes you to a new window and page that is galanonlin NOT gaiaonline!!!! It now has a floating pink gift box. I showed her the different address and reiterated that she is NOT to follow links for anything on this site, if it has a different address. Just thought you guys would want to know!
I just got one a few minutes ago it was so lame. Yes I reported it right away.
ive just had someone claming to be an administrator post this into the puzzle room i'm in ...
Administrator: OMG! Something has happened!

i keep having this happen, is there anything i can do about it?
THANK YOU SO MUCH ... some1 tryed to get it outa me named''The offical (sumthing)''
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I'm really starting to get irritated by these, whenever I see the "new pm" on a page I assume it's an admin notice saying someone outbid me in the market, but then this poorly written message. Ironically, if you look, the fake ones are in color but official admin messages are not.
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If you should run into a PM asking for your "username and password", report it immediately!

I just got one of these...so I'm reporting it.
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It's amazing that people actually still tries to impersonate staffs since the whole "colored admin usernames" system has been launched.
That system pretty much just defies all impersonation. =]

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i've never gotten a single scam message... should i count myself lucky since i've been on here for like 3 years?
I would, I've been a member for 4 or 5 years now and I've gotten almost every scam imaginable. The PMs, the emails, the pop up box, the fake homepage, the fake prize boxes etc etc. The list goes on, I accidentally fell for the false homepage one because my internet comes and goes, luckily I got my password changed before they got a hold of my account.
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shoot i never knew this and i got completely hackedall my rare items i got and my gold it not at 16. can someone help me??? crying crying
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finally, someone made this!
i cant tell you how many times i've seen all of those (and many more you havent mentioned xP)
So I'm guessing if one is playing games in persay the puzzles and an "announcement" from an Admin says "go get some gold, we just need your name, pw, and the amt... then that would be bad as well? (already changed my pw)

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