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Wow, you guys are just getting on this?

You have to be stupid to fall for them, I've report about 30 of these.
This was really helpful. xd
I'll remember these tips next time. heart
Ya, my friend in real life and in Gaia almost got hacked by a person who made a fake paper about someone reporting him. He knew it was fake because it asked for e-mail and his password. Same thing happened to me 3 days ago. A guy asked me for my password to get me 10k fast, but he was faking.
good u have a quick response
ty alll who help! mrgreen
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I watch my sister's account & one day she called me from home saying that i needed to get on her account... I am in a computer graphics program & some of my classmates find it funny to make it seem like they are mods to test my wits.

Turned out it was a hacker..... I sent a remote virus over the AIM I found on their listing.. Outsmarted them & reported them.

Best way to get to a hacker in my opinion... break their computer with viruses, worms, & trojans... *Evil grin & laughs*
u seem like a good friend to have User Image

Wow you sound a lot like my best friend. If someone messes with me he'll do the same thing to them. Once he made their computer do a reboot loop. xd For those that do not know. He made the computer reboot over and over again. So the user could not use their computer.
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I was here...
I love screwing with hackers. Usually, if I'm feeling quirky the day I get one of those "Give us your password, or risk ban-hammer." emails, I'll give em this.

Dude, seriously. Check your spelling.
And you were, too...
luckily ive never gotten one *knocks on wood* and i know never to give out my password biggrin
k ty for the tips
Yeah I got 1 of those, good thing I didn't fell for it biggrin and I still remember the name of the guy who gave me the PM
draco1928 is on a quest for ________.

I've got those before.
I told them fake info.
User: Haha, you're gay.
Pass: F*** you.

Donate please, thanks. ^^

Draco, I do the same I enter their Username and password column and cuss in it. I could totally imagine them trying to log on to "******** you douche bag" with a password like "yer lame" xD
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The first time I got one of those I almost fell for it.

In my entire experience I've only gotten two of those.
please donate i would luv you forever
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aww thank you this was very helpful User Image

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Happens to me all the time ninja
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Meh, never got one, probably never will.

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