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This is kinda helpful ninja l but, (i am really NOT trying to be mean) If you are dumb enough that after all of the warnings you give your password you need to be bonked on the head. burning_eyes

They start warning us about the password thing, Right after you first register then they continue to do so afterwards....yet people still seem to want to give out there password rolleyes (how smart are they question ) Honestly if you are so weak willed that you will do is then...... stressed scream gonk blaugh ................................you should not be on the internet talk2hand . Yes scamers exist and they will always you just have to be smarter then a lump of sand dramallama k................PEOPLE Just use your brains exclaim (almost everyone has one sept my brothers lol rofl ) And do not give out your passwords if the moderators really are deleting your account then you will recive an email. eek (I don't know this for shure as i havn't been deleted but it just seems the logical thing for them to do stare )

This wasn't said to be mean or anything of the sort this is just how i feal. This is not a threat nore am i insulting anyone in general. xp wink surprised razz twisted cool xd smile biggrin
So please do not go and report me, Cause i'm shure at least a few other people feal the same way.

DON'T give out your password!

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Ya this has happened to me before and I asked my good friend what should I do and she helped me out!! Thank you Smitteh biggrin
Hmm.. I've been on Gaia 4 years and never been hacked or even gotten a message from someone attempting to hack me. Thanks to all the warnings Gaia staff put up, however, I know what to do if someone were to try. Thanks you guys.
iM SO SORRY but who would fall for that lol xp
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... i hope more people read this...
i got hacked on a previous account when i first signed up. I had to start from scratch again. This should help people out in the future so it doesn't happen to them.
This shouldn't be posted because when you join you should read the gaia rules. And it states all this so who cares if the people who don't listen get hacked. This increases the number of noobs.
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random thought, what if it's all a pyramid scheme.a buncha people scam others and then trade most of it up until one person has the majority, then that person makes a new account and sends the cheap stuff to it to get the staff off of his back?

That doesn't even make any sense. Only a desperate moron would buy gaia items from another website selling them, i.e. ebay. There is no profit to be made by stealing gaia pixels and transferring them to another account; they are not real and have no return value except in fake gaia gold. The fact that people are trying to steal it just proves how sad they really are.

Besides, mods and admins can track your trading without needing your password. They can also read your pm's without one. A scammer only gets away with his scam if no one reports it and just lets it go. Even a hacker couldn't keep stolen pixels for very long if it's been reported. But hackers don't care anyway. They live to destroy. Scammers are just losers who want something for nothing.
XD Good point. okay, another random thought. and this one actually makes sense what if some really stupid b*****d tried to scam an admin? (i have an odd sense of humor.) it's not a serious question, i just want opinions on what might happen.
fear the cute kid
there are people who will ask you in the towns or other meeting places if you want gold and then pm you and ask you for your username and password so they can give it to you it happened to me and when I answerd him he tryd to tell me that it was for the admins not him I reported him and I hope he gets banned

same here sometimes they illegaly download this thing that can make ur person not be reported sad

eek Are you serious, they illegally download something so they can't be reported?

Last year I almost fell for it. But I reported it to a moderator asking if it was real or not. Lucky for me I never sent in my information. The nice moderator told me it was a scam and also to always report those scams. 3nodding

thats good ^.^ but if u get a message saying that there's like a thing that says report message in the bottom right corner
ok. i will be very careful razz 4laugh
it's really helpful!!!! 3nodding
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Psychotic Sammy
it happend to me i just replied saying ...lol...
I like putting nice little jokes in mine:

"He strode out of town, his work done; [user] would never again gun down any good men, rustle any cattle, or post any spam."

If I get to report him, and he gets a little chuckle, everyone's a winner.
These hack-assers should know that the Gaia Staff already has your password and can't loose it. They can see you do anything. If these jerkwads are smart enough to put Admin's avatar in a PM, they should know this.
crying Shucks, I don't get any of this attention. lol
imma loser. my last account Tohru_Honda459 wasnt banned but someone got to it. i thought they were an a mod. it said mod or whatever and the name was green or whatever color its supposed to be and it asked for my info. and now i cant accesse that account anymore but its not deactivated and stuff. i want it back! it had so much nice stuff. but i made my avi look newbist, i think

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