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Hopefully this will stop some of the false admins from their evil mrgreen
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Ive reported a couple people before because they make me so mad. I know my friend fell for it and lost everything. I'd hate to have to start over I love my avi as it is.
this is a good topic
i hope it helps
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Dude, one of these days I'm going to make a site like this where it's allowed for you to scam people, and you get rewarded for doing so.

Like robbing people, you get to keep their gold and whatever you take.

It'd get some skepticism at first, but would ultimately gather a lot of users AND inform everyone as to popular cheating habits.

No better way to learn than from experience.
I know that not everyone (mostly the younger people who don't fully understand admins and things like that). But the one thing that you need to remember is that an admin will NEVER ask for your password, simply because THEY DON'T NEED IT. If an Admin wanted to do anything with your account, they don't need your permission, they don't need your password, they don't need anything. In fact it's written right in the the TOS that you agree too (and are suppose to read, but really who does) that at any time, for any reason, without warning, they can terminate your account.

Though the most important thing to remember... THEY DON'T NEED YOUR PASSWORD Because THEY DON'T NEED IT to do anything to your account.
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random thought, what if it's all a pyramid scheme.a buncha people scam others and then trade most of it up until one person has the majority, then that person makes a new account and sends the cheap stuff to it to get the staff off of his back?

That doesn't even make any sense. Only a desperate moron would buy gaia items from another website selling them, i.e. ebay. There is no profit to be made by stealing gaia pixels and transferring them to another account; they are not real and have no return value except in fake gaia gold. The fact that people are trying to steal it just proves how sad they really are.

Besides, mods and admins can track your trading without needing your password. They can also read your pm's without one. A scammer only gets away with his scam if no one reports it and just lets it go. Even a hacker couldn't keep stolen pixels for very long if it's been reported. But hackers don't care anyway. They live to destroy. Scammers are just losers who want something for nothing.

They might sell the whole account I guess, but you'd have to be pretty damned stupid to buy it.
I didn't know stuff like this was going on
Mimic X
There is also 'false links' to watch out for... thats what got me about a year ago, but then again, that is why Gaia applied the leaving Gaia pages/warnings.

yup ^.^ 3nodding nice avi art ^.^

So you actually want people to be scammed? That's what you are saying? So does that mean that you support the things that scammers do? You support illegal activity? You did say that they deserve to get scammed.
Some of the younger members of this site might actually be convinced by one of those scams. There are some really young gaians out there who might not actually know what a scam looks like, maybe because some little kids (and I'm saying some kids are like this, not all of them. I don't want a little munckin angry mob after me.) are noterious for not reading the rules very carefully. So you are saying that a little kid deserves to get things stolen from them? You are a really sensitive person aren't you?
I am made of fail? What are you, a five year old? That's really childish.

Oo, wow! Losing pixels is soooo important. /sarcasm
He and I never said that we supported scammers. We just made a point that people can be really stupid.
There's always the warning gaia puts around every corner of the site.
And you seriously are overreacting.

Oh and the fail part is phrase. You know, 4chan and ED?

Yeah I agree with you about the fact that people can be very stupid when it comes to falling for these scams but I don't think anyone deserves to be scammed. Think about it. Being scammed means losing all that gaia gold that they might have spent hours on the site earning and it means losing the items they may have bought on the cash shop with real money. Theft is theft whether it's pixels or an actual item being stolen. I agree that these people are very stupid and should've known better but come on. Do they really deserve to have all their stuff on gaia stolen just because they were being a little stupid and not paying attention?

In my opinion, stupidity deserves consequences. s**t happens.
I also have to wonder why anyone would spend money on pixels...
And many of the people stupid enough to get scammed aren't even the age the should be on this site. So they shouldn't be here anyways.

Yes, I am aware that I'm a callous person.

So if you were being stupid at some point in your life and something really bad happened to you, you would just say "oh well s**t happens" and walk it off?

Yes, very callous.

So what are 4chan and ED?

I don't consider being scammed "something really bad." It's just the internet.
And whatever happens, like say the government gives you a ticket for something unjust (like from a car that wasn't yours), well guess what? You gotta pay the money, and yes move on. It's real life.
A lot of people have to just "walk it off."

4chan and ED are other sites. They do hate Gaia though. Oddly enough, Gaiafags (their term for people on Gaia) frequent these sites. Ahahaha.
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there are people who will ask you in the towns or other meeting places if you want gold and then pm you and ask you for your username and password so they can give it to you it happened to me and when I answerd him he tryd to tell me that it was for the admins not him I reported him and I hope he gets banned

same here sometimes they illegaly download this thing that can make ur person not be reported sad

eek Are you serious, they illegally download something so they can't be reported?

Last year I almost fell for it. But I reported it to a moderator asking if it was real or not. Lucky for me I never sent in my information. The nice moderator told me it was a scam and also to always report those scams. 3nodding
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it happend to me i just replied saying ...lol...
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This helps a lot for sure. smile
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This is very helpful information, especially to new people. I just got one two days ago, ironically. I laugh now when I see someone scamming. smile
Lord Death Vincent
mad You are both really insensitive jerks. Some of these scams are really convincing and someone who is new to the site might not know better. And really, does anyone really deserve to be scammed?! Maybe it's you who deserves it for being so insensitive.

You're joking... right? I mean, literally. You think that half these people got scammed because of how CONVINCING that garbage is? These people got scammed because they were too lazy to simply spend a few minutes checking over information that should help them. And no one is saying that they deserve it; stop making us look like we're the bad guys. We just think that those people should have took to the time to read the rules; check out everything that tells them about scammers; and assure themselves safty. I mean; there are a BILLION things out there that shows who's an admin, mod, whatever, and who isn't. If the colored writing in their name isn't enough, or the quote under the name of what they do is also not enough, or any of the other information; then these are truly moronic people and should either spend their valuable, free time learning about Gaia's rules; or just not coming on if they don't want to be scammed; but don't want to read the rules. I don't know if they exactly deserve it under any personal feelings; but under viewing the situation of how idiotic they were I think they deserve it for not thinking clearly and not knowing things that they should already know.

I can understand that is isn't fair, nor in any way fun. I haven't got hacked yet, and have yet to actually fall victim of a good, repeat good, scam. But they should have at least known better. And I also feel that the scammers wouldn't just go for a new member. They attack those who have a lot of fancy, rather pleasant looking stuff on them. Why go after someone who has yet to afford expensive stuff; then people who actually can get this stuff.

Also; on another note. I understand that some of these items are not important in anyway. Yet, they are pixels. But some of these pixels was bought with real money; like some of my stuff. And that is what none of us want. To have our hard earned cash wasted because someone actually stole something that we bought with real money. stare

That is absolutely ridiculous that someone would call an administrator insensitive. Lord Death Vincent, your entire post is very well written out- and the points that you made in there are completely valid- including and especially that last paragraph.
I watch my sister's account & one day she called me from home saying that i needed to get on her account... I am in a computer graphics program & some of my classmates find it funny to make it seem like they are mods to test my wits.

Turned out it was a hacker..... I sent a remote virus over the AIM I found on their listing.. Outsmarted them & reported them.

Best way to get to a hacker in my opinion... break their computer with viruses, worms, & trojans... *Evil grin & laughs*
u seem like a good friend to have User Image

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