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I made one, but since my question was answered, I don't want it taking up space anymore. How do I delete it?
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only mods have the ability to delete topics.
the most you could do it report your topic and nicely ask that they remove it.

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Please don't necro (which means posting in old threads). Just make your own.

And you don't ask them to remove it. It's just there.

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Oh sh*t I just created a few GD's and now I can't delete them?
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I have no Idea how to delete them and Im the captien of my guild what do I do?
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Well you cant really but you can do something nearly as effective-closing it
you change the name by clicking edit on your first post of the topic
then you change the name to CLOSED or have [closed] in brackets or whatever you want nexto the name....nobody really wants to post in closed forums unless they are stupid, alsoyou can delete the old comments so nobody will want to post
hope that helped smile
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If you are a mod of a guild near the bottom there will be things about closing or locking the topic. There will also be things above individual posts giving you more deletion control. If it's general forums then you can't delete. Though kind of you to try to help with Gaia's server space the mods will eventually delete topics when they are truely dead or taking up space. If your having trouble with subscribed threads the button at the bottom turns into an unsubscribe button on subscribed threads.

Hope this helps.

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