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my main account has been locked and idk how im supost to do to get it back, someone please help
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if it is just blocked and not banned then you need to ask a mod how Long you need to wait or if you need to make a hack report as they block hacked account some times.
or it could be you did not use the account for a Long time.
i would ask what one. Did you fined the email they sent you about the block ?
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my main account has been locked and idk how im supost to do to get it back, someone please help

"I would really appreciate it if you would...


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            You're not being very clear when you say "Main account has been locked". What was the message Gaiaonline gave you when you tried to log into your main account? Mainly because there are three different types of "account locked" here. Look at the tutorial I have posted below. If it's one of these, follow the proper instructions!

            1: You were banned. If you received a temporary ban, it'll tell you the time frame when you'll be able to sign back on (7-14 days). If no time frame given, you were permanently banned.

            2: Your main account was locked because you were inactive for awhile.

            3: Your main account was hacked and the administrators detected the suspicious activity and banned the account to keep the hacker out.

            If you were permanently banned: Check the email the account was registered with (if you can't access the email, PM one Site Moderator through the link [View Forum Moderators] found at the top of each forum; be sure to PM only ONE moderator, and not multiple ones, since messaging multiple mods will get you into some trouble.). If you cannot find the email, check the bulk/spam folders. If no email found still, PM a site moderator by following the instructions listed above. Once you find out the reason behind your ban, if you feel it was "misjudged", you are free to file a ticket. (Instructions given below)

            If you were blocked due to inactivity: File a ticket:

            Links to tickets through the Help Center:
            **NOTE**: You may need to clear your browser's cache/cookies if the links don't work.
            Also check out This staff update about the Help Center before you do so.
            Ticket 1
            Ticket 2
            Ticket 3

            Once you get to the ticket page (if the links work for you), choose the reasoning as "General Account Inquiry >>> Sixty Reactivation".

            If your main account was frozen for protection against hackers/detected suspicious activity: File a Hacking report

            Guidelines for reporting:
            1: All reports must be filed within 30 days of the incident having occurred. Reports about incidents which occurred more than 30 days prior to the report being filed will be closed.

            2: All reports must be filed by the owner of the compromised account. Do not file a report on behalf of another member of Gaia Online as the requested information needs to be provided by the account owner. If you have a friend or family member that has been hacked and cannot access his or her account, please tell that individual to make a new Gaia account and report the hacking from his or her new account.

            3: Please provide accurate and detailed responses to the questions in the report. Read each section carefully before responding, and do not leave any of the question response fields blank or your report will not be submitted. You will receive a confirmation number if your report has been submitted correctly. Please enter as much information as you can. Responses such as "idk" can make it difficult for us to investigate properly and may delay the resolution of your report.

            4: The information you provide in this report must, to the best of your knowledge, be truthful. This includes being honest about what the cause of your hacking situation may have been. Making false reports is a violation of the Terms of Service of Gaia Online and carries penalties up to and including an account ban.

            5: Do not file multiple reports about the same incident.

            Tips on how to keep yourself safe from hackers
            Hack Prevention Guide | Recognizing & Reporting Password Phishing | How to Spot Staff Impersonation

            Tutorial on Activating IP Verification:

            1: Go to your account settings (Tab at the top page>>>Account) Scroll down until you see the option IP Verification. Click the check-mark box and click "Save Changes".

            2: Open up a new window or tab and go to your email provider. Log into your email.

            3: There will be an email from the Gaia Staff about IP Verificiation. From there, Read the email carefully and click the following link that enables IP Verification.

            What it does:
            IP Verification is a security option that only allows your IP address. If you want to log into anywhere else, you'll have to verify that IP for your account so you can log in. This is to prevent hackers from getting into your account. If you get a PM saying "IP Mismatch", it means that either you or somebody has tried to log into your account (Well, only with the "somebody part), and you need to change your password so the hackers keep out. wink


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