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More furry/anthro items?

Yes, please! 0.67605633802817 67.6% [ 48 ]
Where's Bob Barker when you need him? 0.12676056338028 12.7% [ 9 ]
Poll Whore 0.19718309859155 19.7% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 71 ]
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Buggy Mage

We really are lacking in animal feet, that is true. It would be amazing to cosplay a Kangaroo! whee I hope they gives us a ton of animal nose eventually too.
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Salty Phantom

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Romantic Lover

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So much potential being wasted. I would kill for some good quality animal parts. Some of the newer stuff we have is really good but it's so limited in terms of animal and color it comes in.

Please Gaia..please emotion_kirakira
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Shirtless Werewolf

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In a relationship with your vacuum cleaner

Hot Dog

It'd be nice to have some evenly blended furry items, that sort of go with the different dyes, or a skin that's actual fur. Some very nice ones were the Simian monkey ones I think - more of that but enveloping the whole body with fur of different colors would be ideal. I'm also talking colors like blue fur on muscles for variety... but that's just my bias. redface

Also leg mods. I remember many people not liking leg mods, but if Gaia could provide whole leg mods based on animals' hind legs (this could help enlarge feet, etc), that'd be awesome too. yum_puddi
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Fluffy Bear

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I have said it before but I want kit to make my were-bear... 3nodding
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Supportive Seeker

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