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do you agree?

yes? 0.94339622641509 94.3% [ 100 ]
no? 0.056603773584906 5.7% [ 6 ]
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Lady Wolf

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This is so long overdue. I brought this up before.

It's so simple....so why!?! gonk
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Kawaii Sweetheart

This would be really nice actually and handy. I'd love to see it implied since it's very simple.
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Dapper Dabbler

That's a great idea.
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    It would be super duper useful.
    Hardly anyone has the link in their profile, so I have to copy down the user number from the url in the profile and edit the marketplace url to get to their shop. It's a pain, a hassle, and a waste of time.
kerminatrix's avatar

O.G. Nerd

On more than one occasion, I have assumed this already existed and been disappointed when it didn't.

Granted, this says something about my poor memory as well.
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Stone-cold Cat

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That would be super handy.
Especially for people who sell alot
I like this.
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Nabee's Partner

Obsessive Vampire

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Yes please, I know I've tried to find someone's store multiple times, but always have to stop and think about how to go about doing it. Finding people's stores currently isn't very intuitive, at least for me.
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Wealthy Regular

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wonderful idea! i would love it!
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Feral Pumpkin

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Upvoted. xp

It often happens that someone will PM after I bought something from them in the vend, and they'll say 'Thanks for buying, oh and I'm selling more stuff, pls visit my store again' and it's ridiculous how difficult it is to actually do that. sweatdrop

Also when someone is selling something in the exchange and says they have it in their vend store.

A drop down menu option would be so much easier.
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Destructive Detective

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Sounds like a good idea!
Himemiya Neko's avatar

Sparkling Senshi

Mintea Drops
I thought that was what the signature was for? I'm not saying it is a bad idea, I just know personally I don't use the drop down menu.

I disable signatures sometimes, so I think it would come in handy for the people who also disable it.

Love it!
Surprised we don't have it already xD
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Compassionate Healer

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GREAT idea xd . For a few that have TRIED to copy/give a link, it always seems to be generic, meaning they put the link to "my store" and not the full link including their account identifier, so the link they give to click on always takes the person to THEIR own store xd .

It would be so much simpler to have that option/link available smile .

FYI - you might want to make your thread title a little more specific to catch the eye/spark an interest of somebody at gaia who can do something wink . It also might get a better response from others feeling the same way if the title more specifically reflects the content of the thread wink .
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Lucky Bunny

Mintea Drops
I thought that was what the signature was for? I'm not saying it is a bad idea, I just know personally I don't use the drop down menu.

Some people may not have room in their siggies. I am not entirely certain I would have enough room given my current. I don't really like sitting here counting every letter and space to find out.

To note, I do have a link in my OP in the exchange. I had to go a round about way to get it apparently (going to my side to get the proper link) and even then had a heck of a time getting it to actually work.

I thought this would be easier for some so we would not have to go through that hassle.

Also, some people do not have a link in their profile either.
Don't forget too that some people turn signatures off, so it doesn't really mean anything to have it there if they don't see it.

I think it'd be nice to have though, considering it's something fairly important.
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Supreme Kitten

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Man, YES PLEASE. Many times I want to go check what a friend is selling (I'd rather buy from a friend, even if it's not the lowest price) and I have to actually paste their user number into my address bar because I know no other way to find their store.
Have it as an option in the drop down menu would be awesome.

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