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OH GOD, THIS POLL IS INFLATING THE MP. 0.2755905511811 27.6% [ 700 ]
NOT ENOUGH GOLD. 0.070472440944882 7.0% [ 179 ]
No, I bought Silver/Crystal. 0.11259842519685 11.3% [ 286 ]
OH YES, GOLD HEART! 0.066929133858268 6.7% [ 170 ]
"Turning coal into gold is forbidden by the law, brother!" 0.15433070866142 15.4% [ 392 ]
Pure gold. 0.079527559055118 8.0% [ 202 ]
Not a free show, put the gold in my undergarments now. 0.17874015748031 17.9% [ 454 ]
Total Votes:[ 2540 ]
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The Gold Shops needs more wings. It has like 1 pair from years ago.
I agree on everything in this topic biggrin
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I love these ideas so hard!
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i second the motion
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I love the suggestions proposed! Great job, I hope Gaia really considers this.
I agree with all of this. The gold shops need more desirable items to be added to their inventories.
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i love all of this <3
It's a wonderful idea---IF gaia wasn't floundering financially! The process from cash to gold where it recycles back into cash is too long and convoluted for Gaia to bother in great lengths, if it's effective at all. Yes, I think more gold shop updates and enhancements would be great, and I really want the site to feel like it's a moving, breathing world again.
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The only thing i disagree with here is putting wigs and contacts into Salon Durem.
The Salon is a bit of a gold sink that could be necessary for a more balanced economy.
That, and if you want wigs, there are tons in other Gold Shops, and i feel like the eyes in the Salon are versatile and cheap enough for anyone to afford.
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For me as far as Salon Durem goes I hate the color choices. Many of the shades used in the recent updates are shades that barely exist in items (think about the red hairs) so a base hair that should be something you would always use ends up always being either black/white or covered by a wig.

This could be solved by tweaking the shades of new Salon Durem updates or by releasing more items in said shades.

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