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I think it'd be cool, Gaia, yeah? I'm talking bout a rig with all the twins
Marie & Anna Marie Von Helson
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Lin & Ren, from Otami Ruins in zomg
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Terry & Perry, from Barton in Zomg
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Twin Quasar, from Radiant Galaxy
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Mi xi & Mi yi, from your sister site, GOnline
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Gemini Twins, from Lonely Star
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and can give out double items like in the Double Rainbow rig.
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Angelic Healer

Double the fun.

Double the price?
A mali
Double the fun.

Double the price?
probably not double the price. Double rainbow gave out 2 items, per rig, or maybe it was per final win stage? Either way, it gave out double items, and it was the same rig price as the other rigs.
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Heroic Sentai

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That would be awesome! heart

But knowing Gaia, they'd probably just make-up a bunch of all new, random and utterly useless NPCs for it and maybe, MAYBE (if we're lucky) use one already existing twins pair.
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Heroic Lunatic

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bumping this
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Benevolent Genius

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I like your idea.
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Heroic Millionaire

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This would be very interesting to see. 3nodding
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Magic Senshi

Oh! I'd like that!
Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, polar opposites of twins? You know, one good and one evil; light and dark, etc.
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Big Bookworm

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That would be fun. They've got enough Twin characters to make it work without adding new ones, just character revamps, too.
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Lady Strawberry

Rigel and Mintaka for double star items. emotion_dowant

I hadn't realized we had so many sets of twins. Seems pretty doable, actually.
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Gracious Genius

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i like the idea
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I love and fully support this idea. heart

I had a twin who did not make it and have been obsessed with the idea of twins my entire life; the idea of this RIG really appeals to me and I would love to see how Gaia would implement it.

Great idea! heart

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