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Hello Gaia family,

My suggestion is to make it possible for users to equip multiple components of their luxury items, rapid e.i.'s and the like, all at one time. The above mentioned items already cost a substantial amount, but then one must buy more than one of them to complete an outfit on their avatar. I think that if their was an option to buy a luxury item where you could equip more than one component at a time, I would buy it. Whether you have to pay extra gold or Gaia cash is up for debate.

Thankies for listening to my suggestion. 4laugh
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Disagree. I quite like the one item one pose deal.. and more so when the artists take suggestions and separate things like tails+ears to be worn together or separate. heart

I don't think it's necessary, even for luxury items.
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I can see your point of view as well, though there are not many items that come with the option two display two pieces at a time like you mentioned (tail+ear).

I guess I just need to find better ways to earn gold and continue buying multiples of the same item. crying
I would seriously love that however; Gaia needs to make money, no matter how expensive the item(s) are.
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It's a good idea in theory but it's not very practical for Gaia from a business standpoint so we're unlikely to ever see anything like that happen. I do think that they could work on giving more 'combo' poses as a part of the items such as the poses in Infernal spirit that combine some of the other poses in the item. It seems like a good compromise regarding this issue.
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Personally I don't like the idea. And not just for the whole money for Gaia thing.

Honestly, I prefer it the way it is because generally it forces people to be a bit more creative with their outfits. Instead of using four poses of one item to make a look that matches together, it makes people have to try and match their items with other items. I just feel like the fact that people can't use more than one pose of one item at a time forces users to be more inventive with their avatars.

I don't think there's much creativity in an outfit made up of all one item, or mostly one item. Of course it looks good, because it was designed to go together.

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They tried once with the 'look' items, where basically you have all the poses equiped at once. I don't know how succesful that was in terms of sales, but I haven't seen them around the site for a while. Thing is, most people like to mix their items. There's a slight bias towards using diferent stuff to match instead of using multiples, so I don't think this would be all that useful.

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I don't see the problem with it.

If you have an item with, say, ten poses, I absolutely don't see the problem with one of those poses being two items worn at once. Like, say, hat and shoes. The thing is, though, that with the days of regular 999 EIs likely behind us for good, it probably isn't going to be terribly practical for Gaia to do such a thing frequengly with their REIs.

As far as I know, only ONE EI ever did that: The Infernal Spirit. It let you wear two items at once from each set.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. xd

I was curious to see what others thought of the topic. I do agree with a lot of your points. I can see that having one pose per item is more beneficial for Gaia financially, and I can understand that people like to mix and match and be creative with their avatars.
However, I thought it would be nice to be able to use more than one pose at a time, instead of purchasing the exact same item for a high price all over again. I agree that one should pay more for an item like that, or have a limit on how many poses you use at one time like two or three, but I think that should be an option. Another idea could be to make separate versions of the items where you can choose one that can have multiple poses at once and one that does not.

Overall, it was just an idea and thanks again for the feedback whee

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