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Think it's about time for a update?

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Yeah, it's way over due. 0.22106824925816 22.1% [ 149 ]
Would be nice, but there are other priorities out there at the moment. 0.068249258160237 6.8% [ 46 ]
Meh, who even bothers to organize that mess? 0.01186943620178 1.2% [ 8 ]
Nah. 0.022255192878338 2.2% [ 15 ]
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I'd like to be able to move more than one item at a time.

That feature has been around for years confused Use Shift-click and Ctrl-click to select more than one item, and they'll be movable as a group, just like you can move icons around on a Windows computer (no idea about other OSs).

Honestly, there's not much I'd like to see done with the inventory arranger, except for a few optimization things sweatdrop . Just some updated graphics to match the rest of the site would be nice, as well as fixing the glitch where items don't stay put and jump somewhere else (had it happen occasionally with my mule, never on my main though). Faster loading time would be great too, especially if you've got over 1,700 item icons to load gonk
Something with a multi-select tool!
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I agree so much. Arranging my hundreds items by type/color is becoming a pain in the a**.
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I was at the gaia convention back in july, and my friend asked if they were working on the gaia inventory arranger. Their response was rather upsetting as they said it wasn't a very high priority and weren't really working on it, but it was on the 'to do' list.
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my biggest issue with the arranger is how slow it loads.

No matter how many times they supposedly 'optimize' the inventory page, it still takes forever to load pages beyond the first one.
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Am i strange that the current inventory arranger meets my needs?

I never have any problems with it. Once it's on "item" i just drag and drop.
It would be amazing to be able to sell multiple items. ><
Not only is it old, but it also opens things it should not. I had an old letter in my house, and when I removed it back into the arranger it opened. I confirmed this with a higher power, but to date, unfortunately nothing has been done to rectify this. It definately needs an update, and if others are having issues like me where items are also opening due to the arranger, something needs to be done. 3nodding

I hope they look at this seriously.
I have to create another account just to organize my inventory at the 1st place..
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I was under the impression we COULD organize game items... I've got all mine organized. O.o
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I was under the impression we COULD organize game items... I've got all mine organized. O.o

you could, but you cant move them to the storage to do it easier... see i play zOMG! and i have nearly 3k+ in Recipes and Rings, so dragging those locked game items up takes a lot of time for me. sweatdrop
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Ah, yeah I can see how that would be a pain.

I played zOMG! for a good bit too, and I do remember how much of a pain it was for the hundreds of items to get organized.

I wish we could get a grouping option for same items. All my recipes and stuff would shrink down considerably!
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