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Think it's about time for a update?

YES PLEASE! 0.67655786350148 67.7% [ 456 ]
Yeah, it's way over due. 0.22106824925816 22.1% [ 149 ]
Would be nice, but there are other priorities out there at the moment. 0.068249258160237 6.8% [ 46 ]
Meh, who even bothers to organize that mess? 0.01186943620178 1.2% [ 8 ]
Nah. 0.022255192878338 2.2% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 674 ]
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Fluffy Vampire

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D; I want this so much. Come on gaia, fix it.
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Ky to the rescue
Please do.

Also, for the OP, you might consider changing your title to have what you want fixed in it--more people might come in to agree. cx

changed it. razz
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

How about not?

That way we can keep adding REALLYs
This should be a high priority project. Seriously. They keep expecting us to buy more things and then don't give us a viable way to keep track of them. Even just putting multiples of the same item together takes too long.
And I don't even have that much stuff.
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Don't have a ton of items, but I do love to be able to organize them into something I can use to find things. At this moment, it takes almost forever to do something with it. Would love to see more new tabs for REI/EI, RIG/CI and other things like that as well. Or even a breakdown to where you could list items for what is in it, like if there is a wig that you happen to like or a weapon ... as in blank tabs that you can pick and choose which ones you would like to have showing from a given list.
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I've totally given up on arranging my inventory since it's so old and hard to use. ):
I would love an update.
Same thing here. If it weren't for inventory search, I'd probably have given up playing with my inventory altogether, it's so hard to find anything....
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glad this is getting good comments smile maybe if we keep it up Gaia might notice. XP
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You should be able to arrange game items too.
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[~. Yes, please.

I'm really hoping that it's being worked on. Why acknowledged something if you're just going to let it collect dust? But Gaia's proved me wrong before. We should keep nudging them to be sure.
pirate .~]
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This is the 2nd thread I've seen about it. I agree so much.
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Philip Storm
The things so old that when I opened it up and clicked on my Storage Trunk to check my items, a WW2 German Prisoner of War climbed out..

rofl So much win right there. xd
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Noble Survivor

Lei_Trigar's avatar

Noble Survivor

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Need Skunk Cosplay and Orinkage Hurricane! for my white/black avatar.
I'd like to be able to move more than one item at a time.
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I think we should be able to move things around within the existing tabs, and even to move items to our own custom tabs.
We should be able to add and delete tabs (I'd have an animals tab, for sure).

We should be able to create our own tags, which would generate tag clouds, and be able to search based on our own criteria. (I could tag the Hidden Ace item with "rabbit, red, grey, gloves" and Turtlenie the Moga with "rabbit, star, hat" - when I searched "rabbit" both items would come up!)

All of this is possible. It just needs the will to get that job done.

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