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I'm not a huge fan of the forum titles. I wouldn't use them, but I'm sure someone would.

The contract for services thing screams a little, ebay-esque with virtue product. I don't purchase enough art to carry an opinion aside from I don't want to deal with the contract thing. I'd be willing to bet people offering services are thrilled though.

The forum wars seems like an okay concept, but how will it be censored if it's something inappropriate? Those posts at the top of the page could contain explicit material that is.. well, impossible to miss. I just don't think this is a good idea.
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I love the idea of forum titles and contracts.
I hope the forum titles would include past posts and not require new ones, I think retro is the word I am thinking of.
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The titles: Are essentially useless to me, but I can see how others would use it. And I think I'd find more entertainment and use out of "mashable" titles. I'd use it to make silly ones, but nonetheless, I'd still use the feature in that way.

Contract system = WIN. I absolutely agree with this system, especially the escrow trade system whereby money is refunded if the deadline isn't met. I know many artists who will hate the idea, but I personally love it. Give them a taste for what it's like in the real world if they plan on becoming professionals. ;D

That aside, don't make it a bannable offense if artists and purchasers choose to do it the old forum agreement way.

Forum wars - is a feature I will never use. I can see it's uses and benefits, and imagine it will be utilised for serious debates and nonsense threads alike. It seems interesting enough but I know I'll never be interested in participating or starting a thread in which the feature is used.
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The forum wars seems like an okay concept, but how will it be censored if it's something inappropriate? Those posts at the top of the page could contain explicit material that is.. well, impossible to miss. I just don't think this is a good idea.

I expect and hope it would be dealt with in precisely the same way that the regular forums are, by a report button above both posts (or above them together as a thread) whereby users can report.

It is no different from any thread, any user can post explicit material in the first post of a thread where anyone else can view it. The censorship is done by a pairing of user and moderator (or moderator alone if it is noticed by them first) That is the best possible way these things can be prevented.

If they make these forum war posts bound by the same rules as any other thread on Gaia, including the image and word filters already in place, I'd think that system would work equally as well for these threads.
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Forum Titles-
I can't say I am for or against this idea. My only hope is that if it is to be implemented is for titles to be nothing more then golden stars to add a little flare like how Badge Titles play out in City of Heroes.

This concept and image gives me the feel that it really should have the effort put towards improving our current trading system in general along with adding the concept of itself into it. It would keep it from being "Yet another feature", god knows we have plenty of those already. And the fact it looks like it already is trading in the concept with just more shiny extras.

The example feels bulky with a poorly planned layout with the concept image, to me a list view similar to when you search for a guild would feel more sound.

Forum Wars
But we already have a Chatterbox. That's really all I see coming from this if it does happen, tons and tons of spam.
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Forum wars looks ridiculous, bulky and useless.
Contract system however seems brilliant.
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        Forum Titles -
        I think this can be an interesting implementation to inject a bit of fun and encourage users to be more active in different aspect of the website.

        Contracting/Directory -
        On the whole I'm pretty much skeptical about this. There's a lot of issues with the current system (or lack thereof) implemented in the Minishops section that I don't see this new introduction able to address. As someone who both offers her services and purchases them, the contract thing feels like too much of a hassle and lacks flexibility between the artist and the client. The only thing that seems okay is the feedback function, but as we've already seen and complained about on multiple occasions with the voting function of threads, this has too much room to be abused and manipulated by random forum trolls or thread owners themselves. Unless something is worked out for this aspect to prevent such cases from happening, I don't support the use of it.

        In terms of the directory, on one hand it might help it sorting out the currently rather messy shop layout in the forums, but on the other hand, there are a couple of loopholes to be addressed. Firstly, many of the shops in the minishops section are rarely permanent, many of which in fact are set up and left for dead in a day or two, which is how the users like it to be. How will this then be incorporated into the directory system? Furthermore, with the huge amount of shops being set up daily, how will the system facilitate users' ease of use? If some sort of efficient means of sorting out the shops is not incorporated, then the directory has as much as as the current system already does. Secondly, many of the shops currently functioning in the forums make use of their own thread layouts to personalise the shop. This is something I don't quite see being made available with the directory system.

        Forum Wars - Again, as with the titles, I think this can be a viable and fun addition to the community.

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Forum Titles sounds fun but you guys first need to look at some complaints about Achievements. One would be the pop-up thingy. Checking the box for the option to not show the pop-up again does not work.

The Contract System sounds brilliant. The last one... that might be fun for a few days but It's just a waste of time and resources.
Forum Titles! I hope there's some for zOMG! Why can't we display our badges like our achievements? How about that!
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contract system sounds great.
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contarct system and shop directory is awesome.

Forum wars looks silly.
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I like the idea of the titles. It sounds like fun.....still, I would like to have Alchemy fixed first. emotion_dowant
... I'm actually really loving the contract system idea. I'd start buying art because of that!
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I really love the idea of a " Contract System"
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i like the war one...
by the way.. the world isn't round or flat.. it is egg shaped >:3

the contracting artists one:
im an artist.. and it takes me a lot of time to draw something.. because i want it perfect...
also.. people dont tell me what they want done exactly so then i change it a bit..
but then again.. im not commissioning myself... but i have a tester subject.. >w<;
because i wanted to see what she thought of it really...
but i dont really want to do it...
i guess.. from my point of view.. i want to draw avis that i actually like..
also.. i like it.. i like having deadlines.. so i can't complain...

and i forgot the last one... please fix meebo though o:

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