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The contract system is a good idea,
but I think there should be an option to 'add' time to it;
Sometimes things crop up-or it takes longer than anticipated.
But it should be at the buyer's discretion.
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Contracts sound great, I could live with forum titles, please god no forum wars. I can only see that causing trouble and then quickly falling into disuse. The different fora have enough trouble getting along and not getting into spam fights without staff sanctioned conflict.
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Forum Titles
I love this idea! LOL

One thing to keep in mind would be to not make the titles about specific forums. An example would be like "GCD Star" or something of that nature. They would be fantastic for event forums though. XD I would love a kissable title for Valentine's Day. It would be cool to see some for people that donate to others or do a lot of vending and such. c:

There should be an opinionated user in there somewhere. >>

I also would prefer it to be under the username since that system already exists.

Art/Writing/Whatever Directory and Contract System
This one seems like it would take a lot of work. e.e; It would also only affect a percentage of users. Just on that alone I would rather see other projects get done. But if it is chosen, I think its a nice idea. Not real sure about the percentages though. I feel like that would just get abused like the </3 and <3 are. Maybe if someone gives a rating, they also have to leave a comment? If that was mandatory, then I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Forum Wars
This one really doesn't appeal to me at all. e.e I mean, its cute but not really something I would ever use. I could see this system being great for certain events or storyline plots but that's about it.
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Contract system is epic win and is - honestly, IMO - nine years overdue.

The forum titles are a little bit of a bonus, but I know a couple of people would actually feel put off by that. Then again, we display our wealth everywhere we go anyway, so flaunting our status yet another way isn't going to hurt.

The Forum Wars system actually seems somewhat useful in terms of dual contests - of which I've seen a few in AT. lol It's slightly redundant - there are polls, after all - but it seems like it could be a neat trick.

In terms of priority (from highest to lowest)

-Contract System
-Forum Wars
-Forum Titles

(The first, I'd like to see when I wake up tomorrow. lol The other two aren't really important to me, but I'd rather see the forum wars first.)
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Art Contract: I will be looking forward to this one the most compared to the other two features as this will be of great use for the artist and the customer.

Forum titles: As long as people won't get confused from the moderator to regular user titles, then it sounds like it could be a fun feature for people. Hopefully there can be some titles from zOMG in there if you do decide to go along with it like healer, hack n' slasher, etc...

Forum Wars: I like the idea of two threads battling it out for whatever reason, but I'm not too sure if it will be popular in the long run.
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Love love love love loooove the concept of the forum wars.

Forum title. Even better. ♥
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The whole Art/Writing/Whatever Directory and Contract System thing sounds great! I've sold art through joint shops in the past and would love to do it again someday. This new system would make many things much easier. However an option to extend the time would be nice. Maybe a feature where both the buyer and the seller can agree on a time extension. 'Cause ya'know.... things happen and sometimes Gaia gets knocked down to the bottom of the priorities list........

The Forum Titles would be fun but the Forum Wars idea doesn't seem necessary to me. *shrugs*
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YES TO FORUM TITLES. I have been wanting those forever, but it'd be kind of sad that I can't put things like "Legend of Korra Fan!" or things dealing with fandoms in my title. I've always been in favor of completely custom titles that have a filter in them to block out sort of thing that could be used to trick people into believing they are mods/admins.

The Art Shop contract is okay, not a big fan. The current forum-based system is fine, but I do like the directory. I'm tired of digging through tons of closed and full shops. There might be 1 or 2 open shops on the first page.

Forum Wars would probably turn into Edward vs. Jacob (well, now Peeta vs. Gale) type topics, so...eh.
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I really don't see the benefits to any of these. Titles might be interesting, but I feel that between fonts and our avatars, we can already get a personalized look. Why not just keep adding achievements?

Art directories would be disastrous. How would the ones at the top be determined? Users attempted this is the past with horrid results. I doubt Gaia could do any better.
As for the contracts, how is this any different than what users already do with trades? There wouldn't be any way to reinforce it, other than the mods' opinions on the art received, which again, is no different than what is done now.

Forum wars sounds a bit too gimmicky, though this is coming from a hardcore GCD lurker. I think a revamp of the <3/ </3 system would be better, as for some reason it has been getting a lot of dislike recently. Change it back to the thumbs, or implement some other system to take sides in (rather than hate on) a thread. But no winners.
The contract system would have my top vote out of the three ideas. I would add however that the system is just as needed in the alchemy subforum and should have a method of tracking crafting attempts. There are a lot of good users in that forum but as it stands you have to have a lot of trust in the alchemist you are working with and not everyone has connections/friends in the system that they know right off the bat they can trust. This would however be a great feature also for the art/writing subforum too of course. I wonder if you could also come up with a special contract for art/writing contests too?

I'm not that interested in forum titles but the customization part would be more creative than other similar features I've seen tacked onto forum sites.

As for the Forum Wars that doesn't remotely interest me and I don't have any real opinion on it.
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All three of those are awesome, but especially the first two!
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i love the contract system!
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The contract system is an awesome idea and could save both sellers and buyers a lot of grief. I'm not so fussed about the other 2 ideas.
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Loving the contract system a ton, while the other two aren't that appealing to me. Forum Wars seems like it'll just be abused by those who want to flame other users. It's better not to give them more tools to do so.
I'm rather indifferent on the Forum Titles. I probably wouldn't use them, but it does sound a little interesting. But, we do have Achievements already.....
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The contract system looks very nice. Not only does it formally set up the payment, but I think giving the artists and the receiver an estimated deadline is great. biggrin

The other two I have no interest in.

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