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Magic Mage

Titles, god yes, contract/directory for artshops yes.

Forum wars? ... I don't get it. Seems useless.
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I really like the forum titles and the contract system.
But the forum wars seems like a waste of time. Better off updating guilds.
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Forum Titles sounds fun, I particularly like the "adjectives" lol

Artshop etc directory sounds good too. Not sure about the contracts, looks a bit complicated at first glance, but the idea seems good.

Forum Wars seems like something that people might enjoy for 5 minutes and then just forget about. Not worth your effort, I think. Time better spent on something else.
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LOVE x10 Forum Titles, I'm a pretty big fan of Achievements so anything that uses this feature I'm on board for! smile

The Mini Shops revamp looks great, It's hard to find artists and know exactly what they're offering and this seems like a step up.
The Contracts also seems really convenient for Artists as well as safe for Costumers.

Forum Wars seems a little lackluster to me, There's only so many things people could debate and it doesn't seem to really tie into the whole Community vibe I get from Gaia, What I like about Gaia is that if you don't agree with someone, there's plenty of places to go, lots of things to do, etc - but it seems like something that's Forum-based PvP would be taken to the extreme by some sad little people and maybe even flaming would ensue. I just don't think we "need" it, whereas the other features would bring more to the Gaia experience.
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I love the Forum Titles idea.

However, I think we should really have a better title system for guilds, to make them more guild-y. Like, the crew/mods should be able to give titles to guild members. o3o

I like the idea. biggrin
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I think they're all hilarious wastes of developers time

do them

do ALL of them
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Titles seem like a fine idea and not that hard to implement.

I don't really get the point of Contracts. It doesn't seem like it would really improve anything.

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I like the forum titles idea, I doubt the usefullness of the contract idea, though I guess the rating system would fix the problem I have with it*, and, I'm sorry to say, but I think forum wars would fail miserably, let's keep that as an event only thing.. wink

*The problem I would have is that the contracter would be able to send in the most crappy art that doesn't meet the buyers standards and still get the gold. But then the rating system would even it out eventually. I'm just not sure about it.
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I think the contract mockup looks like it could be a good thing to have. I'm going to assume the rating the artist gets is from a feedback given by those who have contracted her so it would eliminate outside sources and give a more accurate rating. I say that in thinking of the recent <3</3 system threads where people talked about art shops closing because of so many </3s. Of course some measure would have to be taken place to make sure someone couldn't just contract and uprate themselves with mules and such.

The other two ideas I feel are wastes of time. Causing unnecessary drama between forums and creating potentially more work for your stretched-thin volunteer mods would not be a good idea IMO.
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I definitely like the idea of Forum Titles, especially if "rad" is one of the adjectives.

As for contracts, I'd be all for it, why not? It sounds useful.

Forum wars... I don't know. It doesn't sound like something terribly interesting, but who knows? It could be amazing.
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Of course some measure would have to be taken place to make sure someone couldn't just contract and uprate themselves with mules and such.

Oh ho ho!! That's true!
One way to stop manipulation like that is to take away anonymity. Such as, being able to view a shop's past orders (who ordered what) to ensure that the ordering activity doesn't look mule-ish.

Viewing who votes is one way people suggest for the avatar arena's problem with mule downvoting, and thread <3/</3 mule downvoting. So getting rid of anonymity is a possible solution to that problem? Some people might still try it, but at least you'd be able to determine for yourself if orders look mule-ish or not.

Another way to restrict % being affected by mule activity, is to limit it by IP. So if it seems like the order came from the same IP, it doesn't count towards your %. That's probably an easier option.
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        I love the second idea, it would be great for those of us with shops. The other ones I don't have any strong feelings towards, but the first one seems more interesting to me if I had to choose. I don't know how I'd feel about Forum Wars..
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The contract system looks great! The others seem like a waste of dev time.
Basically, this!, the contract seems so cool and the others so pointless x 3x;

User Image
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The contract system defiantly should be done! I hope to see it soon.
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forum titles seem nice, I LOVE the idea for contract system biggrin , but forum wars? ehh could do without -_-;

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