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I like the forum titles idea. Especially with the mix and match idea. I've been on forums in the past that allowed that in some form or another.

Love the art shop ideas the best. I remember some people wanting this official contract for quite a while as well as a shop link page. That would make everything so much easier when looking for something you really want.

Maybe include an option for special paid shop advertising that places your shop at the top of the list for a set period of time. Price depending on length of time and how large you want your ad to be.(It'd be a great gold sink)(I remember something like this was done before, but users were charged cash only prices. I could see that brought back for this new user-shop system)

And to have your own personal page for a shop would be awesome. Paid for like guilds, I would presume.

Oh yeah... and I don't really like the forum wars idea. I'll even say I think it's a bad idea.
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I love the Art Contract concept; it makes it seem much more professional and I'd definitely consider buying art through this. You could also sell advertising spots monthly on the main page for a good gold sink. A like the Title system also, because it could help tell us what a person is like and what they like to do on the site.
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As an art collector I should say the contract sistem is AMAZING

in helps protect both the buyer and the seller, specially because sometimes artists cancel or withdraw their services after MONTHS of waiting for the result

which is unfair to us buyers.

love the idea.
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These all seem really awesome and useful - except forum wars. That kind of arguing without point seems unhelpful and anyways somewhat already possible to do in normal post format.
i think personally they are all a waste of time

you should be more focused on what most users want, upgrades to the guild forums and upgrades to peoples avatars
The Directory/Contract system sounds like an AMAZING idea, like when the user-run price lists were replaced by a formal Marketplace. The other two, however... I dunno, I get the feeling that the titles aren't that different from the achievements (which promote spam in the forums), and the Team Red/Team Blue might encourage flamewars and trolling.
Oh my god, we neeeeeeed the art contracts!!! D:
I've been scammed more times than I would care to admit (I'm just so trusting ;c ), and as an artist, this would perhaps be the most useful thing outside of the art shops themselves.
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The contract system looks great! The others seem like a waste of dev time.
Basically, this!, the contract seems so cool and the others so pointless x 3x;

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Agreed. The contract/shop directory bit is something that I can definitely see making a positive impact on the user experience of many, many people.

The other two? To be frank, I'd rather see some love go to the Gaia Guild Network. Let's fix what's broken, Gaia.
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ỳoύя jύsτ αs ωєτ αs τhє єvєиíиg яαíи


Looks cool.


ỳoύя ℓovє ís ∂яívíиg мє…
ỳoύя ∂яívíиg мє íиsαиє

User Image
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The contract system looks great! The others seem like a waste of dev time.

This! Espeically the forum war bullshit. We have enough things dividing this place and making the forums unbearable like the whole voting system. I can always see the war thing getting out of hand.
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I love the contract idea, it seems like it would make it much easier for the artists of Gaia. I also love the idea of forum titles as well. However, I’m not into the forum wars idea, that seems like something that’s really not necessary.
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Forum Titles- Umm how about fixing the achievement pop up so that who those of us that don't want that horrid BIG BOX freezing our screen can go away when we click the "do NOT pop up again" option. Overall, I don't want it.

Art/writing/whatever contract system- That could be very helpful and would probably end all the pettiness found in the art shops as everything will be in writing and plain as day. In fact such a thing may even get me using those shops again.


Seriously NO just NO! We already have the stupid voting system which is a heated topic here in the SF and does nothing to promote actual forum discussion. Nothing good can come from the a forum war and that just looks awful. We need to stop all the division and actually promote healthy forum habits. The community as is kind of lacks in friendliness.

All in all other than the contract system it's kind of a waste of time.
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They all strike me as a waste of time whilst the guilds languish on old code ...

Contracts could be useful but the other two seem utterly pointless.
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everything seems cool, but did you already make forum titles active? cuz I see people on this thread with titles already.

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