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Titles seem like a good idea, but somewhat lame. It's not something we really need and I think it might wind up abandoned like other features.

I do like the idea of an art directory, though I get most of my art from contests. The idea of the gold being held in the system is amazing!
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Like pretty much the contract feature.
The title...hmmm dunno..., sounds funny, but still have my doubts about it.
warsDev time losing, unless there is someone that likes to read the whole thread
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I'm not big on the forum title or forum war idea, I feel like the devs could be doing something better with their time (like fixing bugs).

The directory sounds like a good idea, if executed well.

I'm not big on the artist rating system, as already stated it seems like it could be abused by spiteful people or trolls.

The contract sounds pretty good.
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I like the idea of Art/Writing/Whatever Directory and Contract System. It'd save a lot of hassle with people and minishops etc PLUS sellers can check out their buyers as well as vice versa

Rating would be okay as long as there had to be a comment as to why they voted low, and also a chance for the seller to respond with their version of events.Also only people who actually had contracts with the artist/seller should be able to vote
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Artist rating system would be very bad since the cheaper art would always be rated high most of the time. The good art sometime gets rated down due to jealousy >> rating system is a bad idea overall just like the <3 and </3 system when it comes to personal posting. Art is personal, adding rating on them can push people away.

Also have rating on the artist themselves is just plain trolling.
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Contract seems okay, though the rating system would have to be handled very carefully! For example, only those in contracts can vote on each other and only after they've finished the contract, the voting shouldn't be released to either party until after both votes are cast! i.e. NEITHER should be able to see each others vote until AFTER BOTH have submitted, so that it's fair
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The contract system would make buying art much easier! I really hope this idea is implemented~
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A contract system would be nice, if for nothing more than organization.
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Forum Titles:

First off this would be Sooo cool it would appeal to the fact that everyone likes to show off!!! (This is not sarcasm…whether they admit it or not, everyone likes to show off and get recognition for stuff they do )
Second of all when you say that they are both "possibilities" it sounds like you couldn't have both…Lets see if I could explain what I mean…. Getting a title like "Forum Master" would be written in Gold/yellow or have a cool plaque looking image…this of course would be incredible difficult to get.

Then their would be the second one where you make up the title with words you earn… These would be in a different color (gold/yellow if the other won is a plaque) blue, green, red…maybe they get to choose the color…or even a font...

See they could both work….

Heck you could even have a third title option where people could type their own titles…they would be in some generic type face and maybe a black or gray color.
Me I would be:

Jack of all Trades

Art/Writing/Whatever Directory and Contact System:

So when can I start? I've actrully been thinking about opening an art Shop when I can get my stuff together. Do you need a tester I'll try it out? ...hehe

The directory seems a little confusing at first… I think its the chart formate….No thats not right…may be its the font… it seems to thin to fill such a large area…the pictures is too small for composition… I know that this is just a draft… but I feel something is off about it…I can feel it.

The contract looks pretty cool …and neat, I have no problem with this one…

The communication would seem more appropriate if private I think….if there was some way to keep each potential buyer separate from each other…almost as if each in their own private forum or mail box all accessible to the owner from their shop. Kind of like only you can edit your profile only you could few certain things on your art page.

Forum Wars:

Lol Love the Mock up …heheheeh…

This sounds like it could be really fun…but it also sounds like it could have some kinks in it…like any work in progress might…I imagine

Who decides how long would it be decided the competition ends?

How would you gain points…if there is no end?

Do point carry over from one thread to another? Would you get negative points for losing?

If not how would it be decided who has more points and who becomes leader?

If I'm understanding this right the thread creator wont necessarily be one of the leaders…

So if leaders are chosen by amount of points does this mean that, if someone joins the thread after…urr I don't know 20 pages, and has more points they would take over as leader? It seems that this would make the leadership role a very unstable one.

I think there would have to be a certain amount of people designated for each side and everyone else would have to be the audience and vote. If some one dropped off the team it could be filled with some one else……again I don't really know I'm just try to make sense of it all ' and help the progression as much as I can… so I might one days see some of this stuff.
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Love the Forum titles and Contracts, forum wars could be interesting, The art directory seems superfluous.
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i think the forum wars would be a waste of time, it doesn't look like anyone would use it, you know?

the forum titles isn't all that clear to me. but it looks like an awesome concept c:

contracts: I LOVE THIS IDEA!
it would take the worry out of if the person will pay for the service in the end, especially if you spent hours on this stuff.
question, will it include the actual sending of the art?
and how binding is this contract? is it saved on a database for reference by the mods?

new idea;
stop worrying about new features and fix the old ones.
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Love the concept of forum titles and the art contracts/directory... The forum wars feature seems a bit silly though^^
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The contract would be very helpful, but don't forget a function where you can extend the due date (with a good excuse), and a due date extension limit.
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I adore the contract system and would love to see it in place. I think a lot of people would use it.
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Forum Titles: - SURE, WHY NOT, but not a priority - I'm not terribly interested in the idea and if there were a titling system, I would rather it be something I can fully customize on my own.

I very seldom change my user title on other forum-based sites and when there have been opportunities to 'buy' into the option of being able to change my user title, I have usually not jumped, or, if I end up 'buying in', I 'buy in' because of some other feature being offered.

Honestly, I don't much feel like seeing another way for Gaians to snub other Gaians by waving their shiny titles around like some elite badge. And yes, while I realize that this happens regardless of titles, I just don't really feel like having another means through which it can possibly be done.

As is, our avatars show plenty and we can show off our achievements if we wanted to.

What I would enjoy would be the implementation of more Achievements, maybe. 3nodding

Catching X number of fish (in general), catching X number of trash (in general), etc.

Art/Writing/Whatever Directory and Contract System: - YES, YES, YES - I think that this (both the contract and the directory, but more specifically the contract) is an idea that has been long in the making and long in the requesting and has the potential to be very useful to contracted Gaians (art, profiles, whatevers) across the board if implemented correctly.

I agree with what some other users have said - that a rating system would be useful but only if the people who can 'legally' rate are people who have actually worked with the artist in question. It isn't fair for some random person to be able to down-vote or even up-vote someone whom they haven't worked-worked with. One of the things I like about eBay is that you can't rate anything unless you've directly worked with a seller or buyer. Something I would like in addition to the rating system would be a chance for people to leave mini-testimonies about the people they have worked with, too. whee

After all...

Five stars =/= Artist A was very attentive in listening to my request and was very timely in her delivery of my commissioned piece.

The Directories idea sounds good, but... somehow I have a fear that the searching system may not work correctly or that contractors who don't fit certain exact box shapes might end up getting inadvertently shafted in terms of visibility. That said, it would be nice if the 'front page' of the Directory would rotate all the different contractors to give everyone a chance at the front page spotlight even if they aren't the highest earning contractors. 3nodding

As is, I use the Search function on this site all the time and unless I am either super specific or know exactly which forum to look in, it never pulls up any options for me. sweatdrop

Forum Wars: - Ehhh - Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of competitive things that have the potential to be taken way too seriously (I'm here to relax, not get worked up over competition! xd !), but I do think other Gaians might enjoy this feature. If the 'war' topics were more silly and imaginative, I might be able to bite more into the idea. 3nodding

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