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Decided to just ask Teddy if I can borrow and edit one of her Kamila screens.

It's a good thing people have the patience for DMS. Because for the time being, I don't xD

I'll post it if she says its okay 3nodding

Update: It was ;3
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word up thats dope cx
xX-Artemis S-Xx
word up thats dope cx


By the way, no moar image hunting YAAAAY :U

Now we can just spread this idea around and wait for Towns 2.0 to be finished.
For then, my friends... Then we strike >:3
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Defense for points that may come up:

1.) Towns 2.0 is probably the top priority now, but most of the work is already done for zOMG!. Just strip everything but the art, use the Rally/Towns/Hollywood text bubbles, controls, and emoticons and bingo! Less work on the staff; bigger benefit for everyone.

(Update: Codemonkey has confirmed that doing this wouldn't require too much work.)

2.) Not saying remove the game, just have a separate map that's just to be a virtual space. People who want to play the game could still do that. In fact this would be a great distraction until future zOMG! updates are made.

3.) zOMG! was huge when it first launched, and Gaia handled having that many players on at once very well. Surely they could handle this, because not only is simpler programming (not having all the game stuff about it), you'll have some people hanging out on this map and some people playing the game version. Nothing too crowded for either options!

4.) If juggling so many things at once is an issue, you could connect all of the virtual spaces together! In the southeast corner of the Village Greens map is a gate that leads into Towns. The subway station in Barton can also go to Rally. If we were able to go to any of the virtual spaces from any of the others, that would be simply excellent.

5.) Keep an eye on the voting results in the poll. 'Hanging out talking to people' being low and 'Another place nobody goes anymore' being high should say something about the untapped potential for zOMG! as a normal virtual space ;]

Updated Dec 11, 2012

I did say there were other reasons for not doing it. Sorry.
I did say there were other reasons for not doing it. Sorry.

When you originally said the job wouldn't take much work, I kind of took what you said and ran with it xD

You said you were going to add all the different towns like Durem and the rest, right?

I didn't know if you were going to include zOMG!'s map at some point further down the line. Are you? Outside of Barton, I mean? Are you updating Village Greens/Bills Ranch/Zen Gardens/Bas'ken Lake/Otami for us to hang out in for Towns 2.0? o.o

Because while updates for zOMG! would be great to get people back into it, I still can't help but see such untapped potential for also being able to hang out in the map like we would the other virtual spaces. As an extra option if you don't feel like playing the game 3nodding

I'm sure what you're doing with Towns 2.0 is going to cover a LOT, and I'm looking forward to it!

But this is just an extra thing to think about when Towns 2.0 is complete. Perhaps one of the first things on your 'what we're gonna do next' to think about. When we reach that point, this could make your huge world even BIGGER OwO

Just tossing ideas out there, you know? xD

Edit: I'll edit my first page to make it clearer that you didn't say 'we're doing this before Towns 2.0!' Sorry if that's what it seemed like! Trust me, I would wait to have this feature. Name the amount of time it would take once Towns 2.0 goes gold. I'd love to hang out in a bigger Gaia world, including all the things zOMG!'s map has to offer >w<

Edit 2: The rest of our conversation continues here.
Well, hopefully we're on the same page now. I wonder sometimes if my eagerness makes me explain things in too much detail that it winds up making people misinterpret what I'm saying. Or, I'm crystal clear and some people read too fast or very little :{o~

Eh, I'm not perfect. We're all human here.

I'm still positive about this idea, but I want to get back to what I used to do on this site: just hang out in the virtual spaces and meet interesting people. It'll be a good opportunity to see this new Towns 2.0/Rally/VH thing plays out, make some friends, and hopefully get more opinions on this in the future.

The more opinions the merrier; the more map to our virtual world the merrier. ^ ^
Merry Whatever! xD

Met some cool folks today, gave and received some nice gifts.

Really nice time hanging out with people in Towns, talking in the snow. I'm finding myself hanging out in Towns more so than the other spaces.

Guess I want to give them more time to make all their touch-ups and fixes :3
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It sounds like a good idea, but i really dont get on a lot of i cant really help you with that.
Hope this happens for you c:

Bunnie Plushie
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i think it looks pretty cool i mean i remember when towns was first introduced and frankly not much has changed so these new ideas would be a breath of fresh air in my book smile
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I would like to see more places for people to be able to hang out and have a good time in. I think it would help in so many ways. Whether or not this is something that will truly come to light is hard to say, but I think that if we give more options the better things will be for everyone.
Looking forward to a new year. <3
Figured since I'm juggling so many other things of late, might as well get back to bumping this once a day :{D~
*pole dances* Legal. dramallama

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