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I'm always up for more item contests. There's a lot of creative Gaians here, I bet we could see some great stuff in a contest. cat_whee
I know they can. The contests just need to be screened more thoroughly t prevent what happened with the Coke belt again
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I would love wings
Like these

Where one is like an angel/bird's wing, and one is like a demon/dragon/bat's wing. 3nodding

I wouldn't mind something like that being in D*C as long as it looked decent, and had multiple poses/colors. 3nodding (poses like wings folded to the back; folded halfway; one folded the other held out either all the way or halfway, both held out all the way.)

Would be a bonus if they were animated and did something like flapped. 3nodding
legal bump
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Invisible Cat

First give us re-colors of the fairy wings (red wink ) then a contest would be great!
red fairy wings would be pretty. Are we talking like a pale red like the scarlet sprite, or a darker shade? I'd want them almost burgundy
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    I. Love. Wings.
    'Nough said.
    Start making them. NOW emotion_dowant
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Bat wings maybe? Like brown and grey ones? owo Specifically wings that could be arm mods if its not too much trouble for the current base. Bird wings in this manner too would be neat. Kinda like those forteanagoria mothman wings. Done like that come to think of it. Shoot if there were some nice brown ones (black or a grey) done like that I'd have a reason for the night fright skin again. :0
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More wings would always be a nice addition.
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There are fairy wing recolors coded into the site. However, they are only accessible through Alchemy.

Seeing the recent Astra release, you'll probably only find decent wings through the cash shop from here on out, either in RIG boxes or in (R)EIs.

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