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          Okay, so we all know how awesome you felt when you stumbled across a pink link, magical trunk or a giftbox. That feeling of oooooohhhhh myyyyy gaaaawwwwwddd such a rarity. Well, these items have long since lost their touch. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to mention this, but I'd really like for Gaia to attempt to add something better into these boxes/trunks. I mean...10k isn't cutting it anymore (which is all I've ever seem to be getting; I used to get 5k). I'm not saying throw a million in there, but a nicer payoff for something so rare (I probably see one twice a month, if that). The same with the boxes and the trunks. I am tired of these same black swimsuits and that tv set for my house. I don't go in there! So I dunno, a sweeter item, no not like wiseria or dark heart or eternal eclipse. But something that doesn't make me want to instantly moan and roll my eyes when I see it floating across the screen. Before I used to be so excited and literally race against the clock to catch it. Now I'm just clicking on anything to get me away from it.

          So I ask, if I can do so here, can Gaia attempt to make these "rare" events worth wild again?

          Edit: Or maybe they Gaia should put Gaia Cash inside of these things. A reasonable amount though...

          Edit: Well another user opened my eyes to the dangers, so why not deflated items in trunks/boxes?
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Every since they monetized the RIG concept, we haven't seen a decent update for the free ones. I've collected quite a number over nearly 10 years, but I don't think it's worthwhile opening them like they were a decade or more ago.
Pink Links, Magical Trunks & Giftboxes equal to a Free Gold Generator!

yeah, Why Not biggrin
I want that heart
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Pink Links, Magical Trunks & Giftboxes equal to a Free Gold Generator!

yeah, Why Not biggrin
I want that heart

Great idea!! btw LOVE your signature whee
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that would be super cool.

I remember when pink magical giftboxes were a HUGE deal and really exciting. now they're basically worthless.

when was the last time they even made new rare items for the random events?
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I would like to see something better too. I usually spot them more often, cause they kind of annoy me so I would know.
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Pink Links give out a pitiful amount of gold. It should scale to what 1k was back when pink links were new. 1k back then could get you 1/3 of the way to a Donation Item, so by that standard, I'd say 40-50 million. That would actually be a surprise to get again.

The giftboxes could use some more current item selections too, or maybe some all-new ones.
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Haha, I can remember back when, "If I could just get one pink link, I could afford this month's letter!" A Magical Cashbox would be kind of magical to open, wouldn't it? Not to mention a pink link that dropped a couple dozen mil. As they are now, they definitely are pesky. I mean, you can't really sell the trunks and giftboxes (unopened) for much anymore either (at least not compared to inflation).
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That would be lovely. I will roll around in this lovely idea but question if they would update such a thing. Perhaps they could do it better by making those useless relics collectable for trade in to get a nice rare item. An item only made available for purchase using the giftboxes and/or trunks. Pink links with more gold would more than likely add to inflation, so I believe those would be canned.

We kind of have a lot of older features that could use some fine tuning, but avatar items seem to make up 80% of their concern as of late. sweatdrop
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I'd like to see a nice update to the random event items, too. With all the items that are pumped out through various means, one or two dozen new trinkets sounds reasonable.
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Pink links are okay, in my view. It's treat to get even that 10K (mostly I get 5K but that is alright too)

But I would like to at least find a USE for the items we get in the other boxes.
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put new items in the boxes. that's all i really want. i've opened god knows how many and have a mountain pile of coconut bras and grass skirts.

or at least drop the complex jacket more often. man when was the last time i saw that item?
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There should be better items in the gift boxes, but if they put more gold in a pink link they'll make the inflation worse. They won't add GC either, unless it's 5-10 GC because that way Gaia would lose money.
I do agree that there are numerous outdated features that do need some fine tuning on this site and the Pink Links, Magical Gift boxes and the Trunks are one of the many features that need a bit of a update, I only collect them and sell them on at a decent price for those that need them for alchemy and the drop rates for the trunks are non-existent now {they very rarely pop up on my screen}
Maybe Gaia Interactive should place some alchemy items in the trunks {which would help greatly for anyone doing the back wings} and newer rarities in the gift boxes, like recolors of gold shop items and some recolors to housing items!
Upping the gold payout in the pink links to help keep up with the inflation would be a awesome idea, but I doubt that Gaia Interactive would shove 50 - 40 billion gold in there! x_x;;;;;
{plus the gold and item payout with the daily chance is also disappointing to say the least and this feature would need a touch too}
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I agree but also on that note the gold you make off aquariums is worthless as is being the owner of a tank as much as a player. I make about 1k per tank so what does that buy me? The fish are expensive and they ask real money, gaia cash for fish that generate "more gold"

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