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Since many of us find searching through the listed front page announcements to check what evolved, we can have the option to search through the EI Museum page. But still, it's difficult, with all the pages of past EI Reports to find a past evolving item quickly. I want to recommend that you make some changes to the page, for easier access.

A search bar, under the "Search by newest/ oldest" link would be a good thing to have.

Also, having a listing of all the announcement reports of that specific EI, in that large, unsightly empty space off to the side of the avi, once you click the image of the EI, and get to dress up with its poses.
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I totally forgot about that thing...it was never very useful to me in the first place when I could go to tektek.

But, seeing this revamped and actually getting all the EIs in there along with a better search feature would be great!
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I thought I had posted my support for this feature, but may I just voted. Full Support!
I thought I had posted my support for this feature, but may I just voted. Full Support!
whatever means of support you give is just fine smile though of course, posting would definitely keep this on the front page, where Gaia can see, and get around to it.
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I wish the listing could be organized by release date. I can alphabetize the list myself, but it looks like there are about 19 pages of Announcements, so putting things in date order will take much longer. Another possible advantage of organizing by release date: Any new items could be automatically added to the back (or front if "Most Recent First") of the list.

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