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thank you so much for making more astra-items!! cat_blaugh *ish super-happy!!* User Image (they bring so much life & depth to the avi..!!)

if i can give more suggestions, a recolor of the astra:falling tears/tears of blood
would be great! we don't have black tears yet as an animated item! emotion_dowant
re-release of those "tears of blood", while you're at it, would be wonderful! cat_crying

also i love those animated halos, as well. why so much love for wings, but no more than two of the halos exist? (i'm speaking specifically of the "spectacular golden" & "dazzling platinum" halos)

while i'm at it, i should probably suggest something new too, and not just a recolor.. ( cat_question )
i love that one pose of the "ivory baronet" & all it's recolors, that's the "frosty breath". i would love an animated version of that.
and maybe different kinds of hairstyles, being blown by wind? or dripping water, etc.
those sound a little difficult, though? i'd imagine you'd have astra-hair already, if it was possible to make x_x
but then just a plain wind-effect would be great, too.. and maybe fallen leaves blown across the ground.
(that would fit so well with the new fog-item!!)

and other than astra, you have a lot of backgrounds that cover the entire area,
but not so many that would only be a part of it.
i'm often frustrated with the lack of a decent grass under the feet, for example,
i'm immediately forced to choose a whole background that i wouldn't want.
snowy ground, water, and just board floor would be good options, too.
and even better if they can be layered on top of some of those bg's that are missing ground cat_sweatdrop

phew, that was a lot of suggestions ^^ thank you in advance, should you consider some of them!
I know you just released this item today BUT it would be amazing if you made a series of recolors of [Animal] I Heart Cats, starting with a [Animal] I Heart Fawns.
Can't stop thinking how cute my fawn Paw would look with "family" photos on her wall. >w<
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I'd love recolors or the Solar and Lunar items for Loyal's shop.

Solar could be in Sunset or Sunrise colors (Sunset Solar Cowl, Sunrise Solar Cape, etc), while Lunar would be in Twilight (Purples and Blues) and Before Dawn(Periwinkle and Gray) colors.
There are two wigs I would love to see getting recolours. Namely, Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis (Hair) and Sainte Ciel: Eros/Storge/Thanatos/Aphrodite (Rosamund's Midnight/Velvet Curls) .

Personally I'd have use for the former in white and latter in brown. If you are reading this, and in position to actually pitch these suggestions forward, please consider doing so wink

Sainte Ciel items are quite popular, and brown Rosamund curls would look elegant beside, for example, deep green recolours of clothes and accessories from Storge. Sebastian hair, I think would work the best as "different coloured wigs only" item, which have become quite common, and offered us chance to use some of our old favourite wigs in plethora of vivid, new colours.
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I would love an item for subtle, non-astra effects! I want more finishing touches to give my avis that little extra oomph. Maybe call it "Special Effects" and have recolors/items inspired by poses such as:

User Image User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

I'm most interested in seeing recolors of Adamant [bokeh], Secret Sparkles, the mist from Seracila Pendant, and the mist from the Carol items. emotion_kirakira
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PLEASE, PLEASE, make more eyes in this series:

Romantic Moonlight -- dark gray
Innocent Moonlight -- cordovan (brown with a hint of purple)
Romantic Starlight -- deep slate blue
Forever Moonlight -- turquoise

They are SO lovely! biggrin

My suggestions would be ANY or ALL of the following colors:

light gray -- luminous silver gray (kind of like Lovesick Gaze's cloudy gray eyes)
forest green -- leaf-colored
emerald green -- green with a hint of blue in it
olive green -- a yellow-tinted darkish green
chrysoprase -- a bright gold-tinted green, like the gem of that name
Tiger's Eye gold -- golden brown, like the semi-precious stone of that name
amber -- gold with the barest hint of orange
auburn brown -- brown with a hint of red
clear, dark brown -- the color of mink's fur (about half the world has eyes of this lovely color)
violet or blue-violet (or both)
royal purple -- purple with a hint of orchid
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Gloriana's Lace in light pink, cream, baby blue, and lavender. Seriously, this is one of the few items out there that is just begging for the pastel treatment, yet hasn't gotten it. (Just please, no nuclear teal!) Also, one in dark red would be very nice.

Also, and I know I've suggested it before: more precious stone Vaults (amethyst and emerald for starters), and Ruby Pendant recolors to match.
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I'd like to see translucent slime/gel skins.
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A black & orange and/or a black & green Oola item would be really rad. Black & orange would be awesome for the season/holiday, & black & green would be nice since we're only just starting to get nicer black/green items. :3

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