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I was just wondering why there are no recolors of the Dark Heart EI? It's such a lovely item and it would be nice to see some varients of it. Since a lot of it is already sort of dark and gothic, maybe aim first for lighter colors. Blues or other cool colors would also be a nice start to be opposite to the original.

Also more yellow/gold item eyes. I love that color for eyes and there just aren't that many.
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I would love to see and would purchase wig varieties of the same kind of hair in the Sweet and Decadent Frosting items only all one color, meaning WITHOUT different colored streaks.
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I really want to see an I am mouse item. a snake would be cool too if thats not done already. havent seen a mouse one for sure though. closest thing is the moon items but pretty sure thats a rabbit. I dunno hope ones made. thanks for your time.
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Fitted hats turned backwards. Maybe have the bill tilted to the left, or right.

I've been saying this for years, and have yet to see it. Black flame shoes like the blue, red and gree ones. Basically I'm suggesting Naruto boots!

Make all bandages ambidextrous. Also, I'd like to see some for the thighs, body and possibly the lower half of the face. Also, I'd like to see a whole body bandage from the toes to the head.
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More unique back items/appendages.

I was building a costume from this model: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., and for the most part I could actually build a pretty reasonably close look, until I realized the distinct lack of back items (other than really wings) on Gaia. Spidery appendages, extra limbs (I know there's about two, but their coloring really clashes with most outfits,) and what not would be a wonderful little extra amount of depth people like me (the horror/eccentric fantasy avatar community) on Gaia would welcome splendidly!

Something to think about! Give us the mutations we deserve! heart
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gaia_angelleft Stitches says, gaia_angelright

:checked the guide:

something i just thought of that could be a cute/neat idea to add to an existing item:

making an option to either open an enchanted trunk, or turn it into a housing item.

gaia_angelleft Love - Stitches gaia_angelright
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SonAltesse bLeu DeLancret
Shirts or jackets tied around the waist please.

Well they do have sweaters...
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Okay I don't think this was on the big list but I think people will love the idea.

Animated flowing hair.

An example would be like this:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. http://gph.is/191ZVTS
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Click here if it doesn't work

Whether or not a user likes where that came from, I still think that main idea would catch on quick. Long flowing hair that actually flows... I'd love it.
A High School Sweetheart item, including some of the most attractive casual hairs you can think of
(I drew a stupid sketch of one I'd especially like to see,
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
) and just casual, yet high-demand clothes. Gaia just needs more casual stuff; most items are larger-than-life

How about an item that doesn't add any details to the avatar, but has a pose that lets you go armless, legless, or both?
Lizardman items in the same shades of of Twisting dusk, Padmavati's lotus, or vice verse
the same for golden serpent would be nice, to have them in same shades as the colours of Padmavati's Lotus, Twisting Dusk and the Lizardman set.
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Awesome cars to wear
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Devoted Seeker

More leg items and background please
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I'd like to suggest Male Pastel Items ,
Theres plenty of female pastel coloured items but not male ones .
Such as Suits , Dress Shirts , Ties , Etc. Maybe even a male pastel coloured EI (; ?
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batty march!
(to add to the mach series such as teddy march and kitty march)
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recolors of items like:
-Ela the Jackalope . . (into black and brown, or red and brown, or darker brown)
-Maleficent Seven . . (into black and red, or black and white)
-Northern Chill . . (into either black, or red or green or grey or brown)
-Zorya . . (into black and red or dark purple and light green)
-Eurydice's Vanishing . . (into red and brown, or black and red)
-Majoko Mariko . . (into black and brown, or black and red)
-Cool Bass, Ace Bass, & Sassy Bass . . (into red or brown or black or dark brown)
-Jade Rabbit . . (into dark and light brown, or dark brown and dark grey, or dark purple and dark brown)
-Adelpha's Resolve . . (into dark brown and black or dark purple and dark green)

there are so many black, white, pink, and light blue items.
and hardly any dark brown, dark grey, dark purple, dark green, etc.

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