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Can I have Ciro Doll eyes in more colors? I love these eyes and I'm sure many others will be buying it for the variety.
Total Recolor of NANO-C with new colors and explosions, guns, bullets, oh my!

Or something along the lines of a recolor of NANO-C.
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GREEN recolors.

I would love to see a green (Forest & Tea-green) Counterfeit Bride Item
(Tea green stocking with darker green Shoes as Leg Mode for example)

The Hello Mr. Frog Item in GREEN. At least make the Hair Tea-green. And give it black Bows. The Hairstyle resembles a Frog Head after all. So green should be a logical Choice.

School Supplies, such as the classical american School Notebook: Black marbled Composition Notebook. Maybe in assorted Colors.
More Notebooks and Sketchbooks in general (like the old ones that we have, but more Colors and Styles with Labels n Stuff)

Remember the little Courier Bags you gave us in Loyals Basar (Kitty, Doggy & Bear)?
Give us more of these. Panda, Ducky, Shark, Frog, Sheep, Cow, Piggy.
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Feral Rabbit

I would love to see giant carrot for rabbits to hold like a sword.
Or even a giant fish, bone...ect for the other animal skins whee
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I didn't see an "Official Recolor Suggestion Thread" anywhere, so I guess this is the place to put it.

I just found out about Crimson Pointe, and I would just like to say that if you made a green recolor named Emerald Pointe, I would be very happy and (as long as I have the money in time) I would gladly go out of my way to buy GCash just to afford one. Reason? Emerald Pointe was the name of the apartment complex I lived in during the time of my childhood in which my earliest memories take place. Some very happy memories at that, including some that are very important to me.

If a green recolor is already in planning, and you had intended to name it something else (Viridian Pointe? Idk), I suggest you change the name last minute to Emerald Pointe in the hopes that I'm able to scrape together a bit of money just to buy one. emotion_kirakira
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Please do recolors of the new "Baby Oni-ly You" item! I'd love to have a white version of the tail~
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Please consider doing a set of of the Brave Bonnie hair pose in different colors! (Just like the Keiko Curls hair set, Rina hair set, etc.) I'd love to see them in different colors, because I can't find many items that match this shade of brown. This is my favorite hair pose, so new colors would be great!
item that has a boost on ZOMG!! haha :p

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