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What about more sitting poses? I mean it'd be nice to have an avatar sit like at a coffee table or something. I've tried looking for something similar, and I can't seem to find one. Different colors would be appreciated, but a simple black like you would find on your back porch or outdoorsy. I'm just wanting more ways to pose, but sitting seems to be lacking.
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I would really really like an earflap hat in the same dark blue as some of the coats that have been coming out lately.

A hat like this would make me so happy!

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I love the circus and have a passion for the flying trapeze. I would like a trapeze bar please.
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i'm not a item person but why not add more yellow items so that way people can have an easier time wanting to make yellow themed avis that love yellow like i do.
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I'd like to have swings that avatars with floating poses can appear to sit on.
Any or all of these in a multi-pose item would be nice.

Simple swing hanging from a tree branch (branch and/or tree does not have to be visible)
Swing hanging from a tree, with flower vines/ribbons either in place of, or twined around the ropes
Tire swing
Tire swing over water
Porch swing
Porch swing with romantic partner
Cloud swing with golden/silver star/sparkle ropes
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I'd like to see Tudor style head dresses, such as Anne Boleyn's beloved French hood and Katherine of Aragon's more sedate Spanish hood. Also, a rosary that could be either hand held, worn as a necklace or as a waistchain.
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Can we have more shirts with low necklines in the back? I find that to be one of the most attractive yet neglected areas of the human body. :3
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There are a few items not on the big list that I would love to see in order to finish some cosplays:

1) Striped Gloves - Both fingerless and regular where the stripes go around the arm/wrist/fingers of the glove.
2) Cracked Face - I know there is one, but what I hope can be done is something where there's a crackle effect around one of the eyes of the avatar.
3) Leather Vest - Possibly with angel wings printed on the back?
4) Skull and Crossbones Studded Leather Jacket
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Hope this gets read and look over...
Well I want gaia to create a loose long socks just above the knee. Similer to stockings but with small belts around the top knee to keep the loose socks from sliding. By loose socks I mean loose around the ankle but tight reaching the top knee. So I have this idea and I want it made. The image is perfect in my head. Its just something my OC wears and i want to make it into an avi

Maybe have the knee belts by itself as an accessory so it could be added to the stcokings and long socks already made. That would be fine too.

Okay I used paint but something like this
User Image

Sorry no male for this one and also the right belt should be a lil higher too
I'd like to see more regular shirts and pants. We have great starter shirts and pants, as well as some nice shirts in Junk in the Trunk and H&R Wesley but seeing some plain colored ones, with more variation and color (have some with just one to two colors, polka dotted, striped) and that would just be great to see!

As for pants, I'd like to see more pants that reach a little below the kneecap. That way, I can see socks on my avis too. heart
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I'd really like it if we had a white mouse tail that matches the mouse ears, because using the rat tails just isn't the same. Maybe, make both ears and tail in gray and brown too.
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More studded/bedazzled clothing, please. ; u;

Moreso clothing than accessories.
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Radish items, ie handheld, earrings, garden background
New Fox tail(s) and ears
More rabbit tail and ears
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Why does the art section have a section for both Writers and (drawing/painting/digital art) But none for photography? I think Gaia needs a photography section in the Art forum sad

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