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The hype of Les Miserables is back!
I am aware that there is already a Les Mis-based item which is based off the stage production, but now that the movie is out, there are bound to be more fans inspired by the movie. The costumes and some other things are a little different in it, so a Gaia item based on the movie version would be quite appreciated. If anything, something French Revolutionary themed; maybe even name it "French Revolutionary"!

Here are some ideas of what poses to include:
(I have kept the images the size of an avatar. You may freely use the lone pose art directly or, if you could do a better job at it (which I am positive you could), make your own versions.)
User Image User Image

User ImageUser Image

War Cry
User ImageUser Image

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Reiko Minori
Unique Robe
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Unique Leather Armor
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omg love them!
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I'd like a proper tiger skin.
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-More spa related items, such as a nice bathtub
-an Astra-item for steam
-More floor pillow items like in Secret Retreat and Layla
- more lip/mouth items
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Birthstone rings for next year. Give them glowing gems like the pendants in this year's Birthstone necklaces. I'd buy that.
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-Pets for Housing (say, cats and dogs lying on a rug, pet beds, food bowls, bird cages, etc.)
-Valentine's day Housing items (Heart chairs, red sofas, roses, nice heart wallpaper, beds that look like a boxes of chocolates, new piano, etc.)
-Astra- tails
-New Fox items
I have an item suggestion.

I would like to see RCMP or mountie inspired clothing!
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Hey, i'd like some absinthe based item set, with green fairy wings, a bottle of absinthe, a glass that has the drizzeling sugar cube on it, Hallucinations of a green fairy.

Then, i've said this before, a black version of FLIGHT OF THE FANCY
and some more flying/floating feet that work well together with the winged anklets. like faded revenant or heart x mind, one that is alittle cheaper than those two.

I hope you see this gaia because i really want a flying avvi.
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One quick question: can an affordable bow and arrow item be on the list? (sorry if this has already been asked for, going through 5000 pages isn't exactly on my to-do list)
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a pixie dress. one that makes you look curvy. (i'm going to go ahead and be explicit here: Tinker Bell's dress or something that comes very close to it)

edit: i'm aware of that green thing in Barton Boutique, but, y'know. i feel like there needs to be an improved one.
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some human-like ear mods for the elf skins that come with pointy ears? i like this skin, but i'm over these pointy ears.
Padded cell background.

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I'd really like it if we could have an item on gaia that makes it look like you're moving around. It would look like the little 'fwoosh' our feet make in Towns, rally, and zomg. =3

Like this:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It would be like a screen shot of running feet. It could come in a couple colors, like black, beige, and white.

The total bottom half of our avi's would come off for the item, I think. It wouldn't be customized to fit every clothing type; just a couple of items that makes it look like we're running. o:

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