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Ooh, just thought of something I want - A giant bell I can wear on my head so I can be like the real SenorDD!

Seems as though there's been a lot of reqests for clothes from a more southern climate..how about parkas and mukluks for those of us from a more northernly direction? wink
you need samurai stuff... all this ancient greece thang aint doin it fer me ;\
I have to admit that I love this who thing ... keep in strictly "medieval" or "ancient japan" kinda thing would be best ... with the possible exception to flying air-craft and such ....... kinda a Final Fantasy kinda thing, if that's how you discribe it confused
Kimono....! Cheong sam!!!!!
Kimono....! Cheong sam!!!!!

Yeah I agree we need Kimono's!
Different colours of kitty ears? Like leopard print and black and purple and such. I'd also like a bottle of sake, please!
We need more GUITARS! ...possibly with swords attached to them.
Humm.. I want..

Fat black boots!
Jackets. A red leather jacket. Mmh. Pie.
Coats. I need a vampire-y coat!
Gax needs a red cap and a synthesizer.
I need those motorbikegloves.
A beret would be good.
Socks :3
a RED bandana.

And a rubber duck.

.. I want a torn red jacket with spikes on. And a scarf smile
three swords!
HOOVES AND ANTLERS... I dunno. Sudden urge to become a deer. o_0 and I don't even LIKE deer...
I think if this thing is going to be RPG, our profiles should have our stats.. weaps, skills, what guild or occupation, etc...

there can be a general fields which everyone fills out, and then certain things which are assigned to us, like exp etc
I demand green or blue skin......brains.....

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