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On second thought, i really really like that Hardsuit idea.
You can buy them like regular clothes except that they'd cover your whole body if/when completed.
You can by them in parts so you can have just the legs or feet, or just the helmet. That way you don't need to build a hardsuit, just add them to your regular clothes.
They can also be in lots of different styles and colors so you can pic and choose and sort of create your own mech.
They can have feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, head, and accessories.
You can add wings or weapons or jets, mecha tail, etc. as accessories.
They don't need to be big, keep them pretty simple and small (kind of like Bubblegum Crisis) so that they will fit in the same space as a regular Avatar.
THAT would really get me excited... but they'd prrolly have to cost a lot to build. but in the end I'd think it would be cool to be able to show off your full body mecha.
You can even add a mecha undersuit (like a plug suit in Evangeleon) so it's skintight and can show while your buying different parts, or even as a part. (Kind of like underwear for mechs)

Well that's my 2 cents on that... too bad it is probably too much work and not enough people would use it. But I would make it my goal to build one. xd
ok, i'm REALLY pissed that my cigarette doesn't show up no matter how many times i equip it on the little version of my avatar. i spent 500 gold on the damned thing!!!!!

oh yeah.. and those watches.. i really would like a cheapo black wristwatch...
How about some skater gear for the ladies? Ya know, like some cargo pants and shorts, even some wife beaters! Basically some gear for the tomboys would be nice!
I would like pets. Thouse would be so cool to have. Like find a special box for them that comes with a, Puppy,kitten,ducky,fox,or baby dragon.
maybe flak jackets of sorts
I am sure it has been said a hundred times but weapons razz
Hugh swords, kunai, shuriken ect.
Some kimonos... all I can really think of demanding right about now
i would really like:

wings (especially black)

tattoos for face, arms, and chest

KI EFFECTS. like a glow, or electricity. not animated though, that would be too big.

btw my character is based off of jin kazama from tekken 3. if i were to have all these it would be.... perfect.
not sure if this has been suggested, but how about some RPG wear, you know like chain mail, plate armor, helmets (I'm hoping for viking helmets), weapons, barbarian stuff too.

Various types of horns as well maybe?
I liked that idea about seasonal things, Halloween etc. so how about cheesy cheapo looking masks, costumes, and grab bags.
oh yeah, and musical instruments, maybe some Gibson-esque (as in William Gibson) looking stuff

And yes, include devils' horns, and floating halos to complete that Nitemare and Angelic outfit as well!

Aha. The artist behind the Halo item had paid attention to what I said! Wahey! ^^ I think I'd better suggest more stuff.

Seeing how there are a lot of shirts you can buy in the Gaia stores, why not buy jackets that will go over the shirt?

Let's say I buy a tank top, equip it, then by a type of jacket, equip that and both items will show on the avatar. Kind of like that thing with the Nightmare gloves and the kitty gloves :3 Same goes for the pants and boxers; Some people like to sag razz

I'd better bug Yushin to suggest more items too. XD

Anyhow, I'd like to suggest Wolverine-esque claws as part of the weapon items here. And Chinese cheongsams/qipaos.

And don't forget the alimighty horns (picture a ram/sheep/goat/Satan).
i would really like:

wings (especially black).

I'm all for the wings too. Black angel wings I think would be a great hit - plus then I can make my second personality with them.

And Also I'd kill to get the Zorro mask if only it showed the eyes through it.

Also, if there aren't swords/daggers (I haven't seen any so far) I'd love to get daggers or a sword or something like that, too.

I bet you guys are all going insane reading all these posts. ::laughs::
Here are some item suggestions. Sunglasses with red frames and black lenses. If you need something that is similar to that, look for Arnette sunglasses called Catfish and look for the ones in red. They look awesome. Some other ideas are spiked/studded wristbands, piercings, studded/spiked belt, black trenchcoat, and SWAT gear like thigh gun holsters and tactical vests. Those would be cool.
i guy like me the only thing that needs is a good guitar with al and amply.
jejeje but i don't want to pay billions of gold for that, i want one that i can pay. sweatdrop
I've read a few pages here and there so sorry if I'm repeating some stuff others have said.

How about a bunny tail to go with the bunny ears?

And there are glasses and all, but what about just goggles? Like they just rest on top of your head kinda like the hat, 'cept no hat.

A collar, maybe with a bell or a fish hanging from it to go along with all the catgirls around here.

I think that's it for now! sweatdrop
how about a house that you can buy Tvs and rooms and couchs for
I want:

-a spear (preferably sat on one's shoulder)
-staffs of different materials and decorations
-shirts with prints (cat faces, letters, etc)
-medieval-style buckle boots
-knee-high rogue boots for guys and girls

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